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Valentine’s Day ‘LOVE’ Garland

What you will need:

1. Pink Rose garland
2. White sheer wire edged ribbon
3. Safety Pins
4. Two sheets of red cardstock
5. Bead wire
6. Scissors
7. Pencil


1. Begin by forming three loops in the end of the white ribbon.

2. Use a safety pin to keep the three loops together and attach it to the rose garland.

3. Wrap some of the ribbon around the garland and then make three more loops and attach it with a safety pin to the garland. Continue doing this until you have attached ribbon to the entire length of the rose garland.

4. Write the letters to spell the word “love” on the red paper, or use a computer and print large outline letters on the paper. Each letter should take up about half a piece of paper.

5. Cut out five hearts from the red paper.

6. Wrap some of the bead wire around a heart, then use a pencil to create a spiral on the end.

7. Pull the wire through a bit of the white ribbon at the beginning of the garland and twist the wire so that the heart stays on.

8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for each letter of the word “love” and each heart.

9. Hang your garland, place it on a mantel, use it as a window decoration, or a table runner.