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Top 10 gifts you should never give a woman

1. Electrical appliances (unless she asks for them)

2. Cleaning equipment (this is definitely a no, no)

3. Cooking utensils (unless you want to wear your dinner)

4. A gift for yourself and pretend it is for her

5. Cheap perfume (no matter how fancy it looks you will never fool her)

6. Clothes (even if you have impeccable taste clothes are a woman’s pleasure) Give her the money to buy them instead.

7. Cubic Zirconia jewelry (if it’s not diamonds it’s not worth having)

8. Under no circumstances must you buy her flannel lingerie (only silk will do)

9. Gift certificate for weight watchers (you will be signing your own death warrant)

10. Anti-wrinkle cream (would you like her to buy you acne cream? I didn’t think so)