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Quilled Autumn Roses Card

Materials Needed

  1. 3 mm quilling paper white and olive green in color
  2. some scraps of pink and red paper
  3. pair of scissors
  4. quilling tool
  5. tweezers
  6. heart-shaped paper punch
  7. gray paper 11 cm x 16 cm
  8. craft adhesive
  9. a white card mount

Instructions for Making the Card

Make ten roses following the procedure given here. Take the heart-shaped paper punch and punch out three hearts from the red paper.

Now, take the scissors and snip each heart shape from the bottom point to approximately half-way up, as shown in the above illustration. Apply a bit of glue to one side of the snipped half, and push both ends in the opposite direction so that they overlap each other. Hold in that position for a while until glued.

Stick the three hearts together at the base with glue (as shown above).

Take the red paper and cut a 2 cm square. Snip off the corners and cut a spiral from any of the edges going into the center (as shown above).

Wind the spiral around the quilling tool and stick its end with glue. Remove the spiral from the tool and hold the glued part so that it does not uncoil. Next, glue the spiral to the center of the pink flower.

Next, taking the quilling tool, make rolls (14 in number) from the white quilling paper, and glue the end to prevent them from uncoiling. They serve as little pegs.

Take the green paper, roll a length into a loose coil and stick the end with glue. Pinch one of the ends to form dewdrops (as shown above). Make four such dewdrops.

Roll a loose coil with the green paper and stick the end with glue. Pinch the coil at both ends and push them together to create a shape resembling a leaf. Make two of these shapes. Next, make two similar shapes of slightly larger size to create larger leaves, as shown in the above illustration. Make another loose coil of similar length and do not shape it.

Take two complete lengths of green paper and glue them to form a thick strip.

Card Arrangement

To form a bouquet, place the pieces on the card. Arrange the three flowers placing them wider on the centerline, as shown in the illustration below.

Now place the rest of the flowers, leaves and pegs as shown. Once you are satisfied with the layout, glue the pieces on the card, handling them with tweezers. Now, take the thick strip you earlier glued together, cut a 5 – 6 cm length and fold in half to form a ‘V’. Glue it on the card in the space as shown in the illustration.

Cut six more strips 4 – 5 cm long. Clip one of the ends to form an angle. Curve them slightly and fix them on the card as shown.

You can use your own color scheme, design and imagination to create as many different cards as you can.