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Pinot Noir Valentine’s Day Wine Gifts

Pinot Noir is a peculiar wine grape which is very difficult to grow and make wine. But it will be the best wine when it is done in a proper manner. It requires warm days and cool evenings for adequate growth. In this article we are going to discuss about the popularity of Pinot Noir,  the climatic conditions required for its growth, the reason for the quality of Pinot Noir growing in Burgundy and whether Pinot Noir is used as an ingredient in other wines.

Pinot Noir as a popular wine all over the world

Pinot Noir is a red wine grape of the species Vitis vinifera. The name is derived from the French word for “pine” and “black”. Pinot Noir is one of the oldest grape varieties to be cultivated for the purpose of making wine. Ancient Romans called this grape as Helvenacia Minor and they made wine from it since first century AD. Pinot Noir has been accepted as a great wine grape all over the world. The Pinot Noir grapes are grown all over the world, mostly in cold regions, but the grapes are primarily associated with the Burgundy region of France. It is used for producing great red wines in Burgundy and it is regarded as one of the noblest red wine varieties. Pinot Noir is one of the most difficult grapes to grow and make wine. But it is one of the best when it is done in a proper manner.

Climatic conditions suitable for the growth of Pinot Noir

It is a versatile grape that requires optimal growing conditions, such as consistent warm days supported by cool evenings. If Pinot Noir receives only little heat during the growing season, its wine will be thin and pale. If the growing season is too hot, the wines have an overripe, cooked flavor. Pinot Noir is a light colored and flavored red wine which is a good combination for chicken, lamb, ham and pork. It has different aromas like that of plums, red berries, cherries, tomatoes, and sometimes a remarkable earthy or wood like aroma, depending on growing conditions.

Pinot Noir of Burgundy is a Fine Quality Grape

Pinot Noir produces only small crop. It has small amounts of tannin and comparatively high acidity levels just like other red grapes. In Burgundy this grape is primary used for making red wines. The Pinot Noir  producing in the Burgundy region of France is of high quality which is due to a number of factors. Its vineyards are gently sloping towards he east, providing the vines with a long exposure to the sun, and thus avoiding the afternoon heat. The land contains limestone which results in good drainage. Well-drained region have a higher average temperature, which helps in ripening. United States, New Zealand and Germany also have a cooler climate which is suitable for producing Pinot Noir wines that are lighter and crispier.

Use of Pinot Noir in Other Wines

Yes, the Pinot Noir is also a major ingredient in the production of higher quality California sparkling wine and Champagne. It makes the wine crispier, lighter and tastier.  The aging potential of Pinot Noir can range from 3 to 12 years depending on the quality and style of wine. Pinot Noir is very flexible and it is a good combination for all types of food especially Grilled seafood. Even though Pinot Noir is difficult to grow and make wine, it yields a high return for the producer due to its high quality. Pinot Noir is cultivated in many countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, United States, England, France, Canada, Greece, Germany, Italy, and the Switzerland.