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French Wine Valentine’s Day Wine Gifts

France is the world’s largest producer of wine producing some of the classical wines. Majority of the wines which are available in the market are produced in France. In this article we are discussing about the importance of wine in French culture, the varieties of French wine and the famous wine producing regions of France.

Importance of Wine in French culture

There are plenty of reasons why the French wines are regarded as one of the finest wines in the world. France has been manufacturing wine for a long time, and has developed modern techniques and has exerted much effort to find fertile regions, which in turn helps to produce wide variety of wines of good quality which could not be compared to the wines of other countries. The wine is part of French culture and cuisine and France would not be the same without this drink. Drinking wine with meals is a French tradition. Tourists who are visiting France are trying to understand the French culture and traditions in the best possible way and enjoy a meal accompanied by a French wine. A typical French dish with a French wine is a good combination which gives a great and unique experience for the tourists.

Varieties of French Wine

Apart from the main varieties of French wines such as red wine, rose wine, white wine and sparkling wine, a wide range of wines and its various subcategories can be found in France. There are about 365 different types of French wines from different regions of France are available. This number shows the important link between wine with French culture and tradition, and the efforts exerted by the workers; their experience and the time spend by them for producing this particular product. This incredible amount of different varieties of wines turns the task of choosing the French wine more difficult for people who are from the different parts of the world.

French Wine offers a wide range of different flavors. Many wine experts would require a significant amount of time to taste them all and experience them, but often the difference in each other could be almost unnoticeable at times. The wine is not only the most important elements of French cuisine, but also for the French culture and traditions as well.

Famous Wine Producing regions in France

French vintners were making perfect business for centuries. It is estimated that France has more than 150,000 producers of grapes, producing about 1.5 billion gallons of wine per year. There are many recognized wine regions in France, stretching from east to west and from north to south. Bordeaux, Alsace, Loire Burgundy, Champagne, Rhone Valley and the Beaujolais are big hitters with a numerous vineyards scattered throughout the country.

In France, wines are usually named for the vineyard or geographical region in which they were produced rather than variety of grapes which was used for production. The climate and geographical regions of France is quite unique and ideal for growing grapes. The growing season is long, not too hot, with just the right amount of rainfall. Much of the soil is limestone and chalk, providing much drainage to the vine. Each region of France is known for its specific type of grape. All classic varieties of wines which are available today are produced in France.  So, you can enjoy rich quality and variety of French wine with your favorite dish!