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Wooden Wine Racks Valentine’s Day Wine Gifts

Wooden wine racks are used not only for storing wines but  also adds beauty to the house. It is a status symbol for the wine collector.  Wood can be modified to fit into any space. Wooden wine racks are less expensive when compared to metal wine racks. Wooden wine racks does not affect the quality of wine as it does not conduct heat as metal. In this article we are going to discuss about why wine collectors widely prefer wooden wine racks,  the advantage of Wooden wine rack over metal wine racks and the other benefits of using a Wooden wine rack.

Why do wine collectors widely prefer wooden wine racks?

Wooden wine racks are simple as well as beautiful. Wooden wine racks come in different sizes and colors and are primarily made from three types of wood: pine, cedar and fir. Some wines are stored for many years, so it is preferable to buy a wooden wine rack that can last for a long time. The best wooden wine racks come in all types of wood. It depends mainly on our preferences. For example, we can purchase pine, cedar, or one which is made out of fir.  All these wooden wine racks have their own benefits. Cedar can be easily stained or painted. Pine wine racks are very strong because of the proximity of the wood grain. Wine shelves made of pine can be stacked to a desired height without the fear of compression. Wine racks made of fir vary in size and they are capable of storing at least a few hundred bottles. Fir wine racks are cheaper and can be easily stained.

What is the advantage of wooden wine rack over metal wine racks?

Wooden wine racks, are very flexible when compared to the metal racks. They can be modified to fit into any space. In addition, they can be stained or painted according to our taste. Wooden wine racks are also economical. Not only can they are cheaper than heavy metals, but also replacement can be made easily. In addition, the wood wine racks are environmentally friendly which are made from a renewable natural resource. Wooden wine racks also tend to be very light and it can also hold a huge amount of weight. Another advantage of a wooden wine rack is that if we bump the wine bottle a bit harder on wine rack by accident, it is less likely to shatter when compared to a metal wine rack. They are relatively inexpensive, easy to assemble and easy to maintain. They require almost no maintenance and will last for a longer time. Compared with metal wine shelves the wooden wine shelves have one major advantage: wood does not conduct heat as the metal can. The wine is very versatile. If you store it for long periods, say or years, the heat is often carried from metal to the bottle, and can alter the taste of wine. This is why many serious long-term wine collectors stick to wine racks made of wood.

What are the other benefits of using a wooden wine rack?

Wooden wine racks are the symbol of prestige and they say much about the owner who collects the wine. Choosing a wood wine rack clearly indicates a person’s special care and commitment for the approval of the wine collection. Apart from beauty and warmth a wood wine rack has much more than that. Wood according to the latest studies is perfect equipment for wine storage. Wood itself helps in regulating the level of humidity in the room, absorbing excessive humidity and moisture emitting back when the air in the room is too dry. The wood wine rack thus helps in maintaining the microclimate of the room and also prevents the cork to dry and therefore prevent spoiling the contents of the bottle.