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White Wine – A Heart Friendly Valentine’s Day Wine Gift

Valentine’s Day Wine Gifts

White wines are preferred by 32% on the eve of Valentines Day. A Heart-friendly Valentines Day menu can include a Crisp of white wine. You can continue to drink white wine with dinner too. Verdelho, Chenin Blanc and English white wine are always recommended.  So, a heart friendly white wine would be a great gift on the Valentine’s Day. You will find how white wine can be good for your heart from this article.

How are white wines made?

Primarily, white wines are rarely white. Many vineyards prepare wines by mixing all varieties together to produce desired flavor and aroma. Thus, the “white” wine you drink may not be entirely white. White wines are made from grape juice and grape skin of green, gold or yellow raisins. The different types of white wines are Gewurztraminer, Riesling wines, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris etc.

How does white wine differ from red wine?

The fermentation process is the main difference between the red and white wines. During the preparation of white wine, seeds, grapes, stems and the skins are removed from the grape juice after pressing. Stems, seeds and skins are left in the juice of red wines. The complexity of red wines is due to these tannins pigments leach seeds, stems and skins in grape juice.

When can you drink white wines?

White wines are consumed with light meals, small dinners, heavy lunch, and appetizers or as an aperitif. They are very refreshing, light in both taste and style unlike the red wine, which is ideal for spring and summer occasions.

The old principle of “white wine with white meat” is still valid in many cases, but there are many exceptions and various other preferences. Typically, the white wine is ideal to eat with fish or chicken and red wine is ideal to eat with red meat such as lamb and beef. However, you can drink red or white wine or anything in any venue.

How is white wine good for your heart?

The white wines are also good for the heart as red wines. The grape skins are grinded along with the pulp, when making red wines. However skins are separated swiftly during the preparation of white wines. It led to the perception that the red wines, which contain several of these compounds, are responsible for the beneficial effects of red wines in the fight against heart disease. But researchers suggest that the grape pulp is helps to maintain your heart skin healthy. The researches conducted on rats by feeding grape pulp extract and grape skin extract for 30 days showed both extracts have the same level of antioxidant activity.

The results showed that both the excerpts were equally effective in protecting rats from stimulated heart attacks. Rats who were fed with either grape pulp or grape skin extract had mild heart attacks than usual level. More over according to the researchers, the health benefits of red wine can be found in a Chardonnay. In addition to this, research also show that the white wine can help in having healthy lungs.