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White Satin & Lace Heart Sachet


white satin cloth scraps
white lace (enough to surround the satin sachet)
white satin ribbon
potpourri (lavender or rose make the perfect Valentine’s Day scents)
needle and thread or sewing machine


1. Cut out 2 hearts from the white satin cloth.

2. Place the satin hearts, backs facing, on each other and sew all around leaving a small space for filling potpourri.

3. Turn the heart bag right side out and stuff it with potpourri of your choice.

4. Sew the opening shut and while closing the opening.

5. Stitch the lace all around the satin bag.

6. Make a small bow from the white satin ribbon and stitch or glue it on top of the heart.

You can place the sachet in lingerie drawers, clothes closets, linen cupboards etc. Alternatively, you can form the satin ribbon into a loop and stitch it while stitching the lace and use it to hang the sachet.

Note: Using pre-gathered lace gives a nice effect.