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White and Red Valentine Wreath

When un-decorating your Christmas tree, pack away everything except the white fluffy garlands. Wrap it over a wreath form and use roses to transform it into a Valentine’s Day wreath.

What you will need:

1. Styrofoam Wreath Form
2. White fluffy garland or non-sparkly ‘tinsel’ garland
3. Large silk (satin ribbon) red roses
4. Red satin ribbon
5. Glue gun or double sided tape and glue dots
6. White wide organza/wire-edged ribbon


1. Wrap the white garland around the wreath leaving out the part retained for the roses and tape shut using tape or glue.

2. Wrap the wide white ribbon on the remaining part.

3. Glue red roses on the wrapped ribbon using glue dots or a hot glue gun if you don’t mind the wreath being permanent.

4. Make a loop using the red satin ribbon and tape it to the Styrofoam behind (not the garland or it won’t stay).

Hang it on doors, walls, fences and wherever else you might fancy!