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Valentine’s Day Rose Card

Roses, the symbol of love, will carry your message to your Valentine in this pretty handmade card.

Materials Needed

– Blank white card

– Red card

– Green card

– Black card

– Sticky foam pads (Silicon adhesive can be used)

– Scissors

– Pencil

– Pritt stick

Instructions for Making the Card

1. Mark and cut out two sets of shapes from the red card, as shown below, to make the roses.

2. Tear the silver tissue into a rectangular shape, slightly smaller than the blank card.

3. Mark and cut out two stem shapes from the green card.

4. Layer the shapes as shown below, using sticky foam pads, to make two roses.

5. Cut out a black rectangle, slightly smaller than your card, and attach to the blank white card using foam sticky pads. Complete the card but attaching the flowers and stems either using glue or further foam sticky pads depending on the effect you want.