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Valentine Heart Luminarias

Cozy and romantic – these luminarias are perfect to dress up your votives for Valentine’s Day without spending on new ones. A romantic light glows from within the tissue paper heart windows.

Decorate your living room, porch or your dining table with these luminarias when enjoying a romantic Valentine’s Day meal.

What you will need:

1. Red Cardstock
2. Large heart punch or stencil
3. Craft Knife (if using a stencil)
4. Regular hole punch
5. Red embroidery floss or yarn
6. White tissue paper
7. Votive candle


1. Depending upon the size of your votive candle, decide upon the size of the sides of the luminaries.

2. Cut cardstock into 2 equal rectangles – each rectangle of the size of two sides of the luminaria.

3. Score along the center or simply fold the card from the center to make two sides of the luminaria.

4. Use a craft knife to cut out a heart from one side of each rectangle (i.e. from a total of two sides of the luminaria). The hearts should be on opposite sides when the luminaria is formed.

5. Cut out squares of tissue paper enough to cover the hearts and glue them on the backside of the prepared cardstock sides to cover the heart shaped windows.

6. Punch holes vertically along the sides of the rectangle cutouts.

7. Lace red embroidery floss or yarn through the holes to tie the 4 sides together. There will be stitches on two corners and scoured folds on two corners.

8. Place the luminaria over a votive candle and place in any corner to brighten it up with a romantic glow.

Caution: never leave a burning candle unattended.