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Sexy Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

You’ve been nice and sweet and sugary through all those Valentine’s Days and given your Valentine candy, chocolates, flowers, handmade Valentines, movie passes and what not. But now it’s time to be naughty and think of something that will take your Valentine by surprise and add a spark to your love life. Here are some naughty and sexy gift ideas for this Valentine’s Day:

1. A Sexy Portrait

Find a photo studio nearby that helps you get transformed into a sex goddess and gift a real sexy picture to your Valentine. Adrienne Cragnotti, a former Playboy stylist and set designer, has one such studio in Colorado Springs and helps transform you into a vintage pinup or any other getup that you fancy.

2. A Couple’s Spa Pass

Croon while expert hands soothe your stressed out nerves and muscles or hold hands and gaze into each other’s eyes. Gift your Valentine and yourself an erotic couple’s spa pass and enjoy the day relaxing and romancing.

3. A Rumba Class

Rumba is the dance of seduction. Sign up for a Rumba class and gift your Valentine this surprise. Enjoy your hours in the arms of the one you love while steaming the dance floor with the hot and sexy Rumba.

4. A Getaway – but not away

Planning a travel is a whole new thing from buying a Valentine’s Day gift without going over board, you will say. But planning a getaway can be made simple by booking a hotel right in your own town or city for a night or two! And this can be your chance to check out hotels in your own town which will never otherwise happen. A perfect romantic night without the un-romantic airfare prices.