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Roses in Colored Bottles

Display roses in a green colored bottle and place on a windowsill or a side table for a lovely Valentine’s Day decoration.

What you will need:

1. Green Colored Bottle
2. Long stemmed roses, leaves intact
3. Plastic or Wire Christmas Ornament in the shape of a heart
4. Ribbon to tie the heart with


1. Fill the bottle half with water.

2. Trim roses to proper length and then place them inside the bottle.

3. Insert the ribbon in the ornament and tie it to the neck of the bottle as shown.

Although green colored bottles give a classic look, there is no reason you couldn’t try a bolder look. Red roses would look spectacular in a blue or purple bottle. Or perhaps light pink roses in a fuchsia bottle?

Don’t have a colored bottle? Get these vintage look bottles for this and future flower arranging projects: