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Roses in a Plant Pot

You do not need expensive flower vases to hold your flowers. Easy paint techniques will turn a plain flower pot into an antique looking planter in which you can arrange pretty roses on Valentine’s Day.

What you will need:

1. Florist’s Foam in Plastic Container
2. Terracotta Plant Pot
3. White all-surface paint
4. Sponge
5. Long stemmed roses
6. White Ribbon (optional)


1. Dip sponge in water and squeeze. Now, dip the wet sponge in white paint and gently dab all over the entire surface of the terracotta pot.

2. Let the pot dry completely.

3. Soak floral foam in water and place in plastic container. Place the plastic container inside the prepared terracotta pot.

4. Insert roses into the foam.

5. Tie a ribbon around the pot for a special touch.