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Roses for Valentine’s Day

Rose garden cultivation began about 5000 years ago in China. In ancient Rome, the roses were grown in the Middle East region to serve as medicine and perfumes. Now, Valentine’s Day Roses are available everywhere in the grocery store. Valentine’s Day roses are time honored traditional gifts those were practiced for many years. The history of the exchange of Valentine’s Day flowers becomes a tradition in North America in the second half of the twentieth century. Valentine’s Day roses are available in many varieties and colors for bouquet.

What is the symbolism of roses?

Valentine flowers can be made more significant with personal touch. People who are trying to express love through Valentine flowers with more than 120 varieties of roses available have more admiration for traditional red rose. You can choose other colors of roses, especially the dark red, purple and coral. When one intends to present roses to someone, we usually think of expressing our feelings. But sometimes a single rose can do better than a bunch as a single red rose tells “I love you”.

Do you know the meaning of Valentine’s Day roses?

Valentine’s Day roses symbolize love and beauty. No other romantic gift sends a message like a fresh cut roses for Valentine’s Day. There are symbolic meanings with the color of the rose that you gift to someone. It would help you to know before you make a rose gift on Valentine’s Day.

• Yellow Roses show friendship and freedom. Yellow Roses are also suitable for sending congratulations.

• Orange Valentine’s Day roses are the signal of love. Orange roses indicate enthusiasm and the desire of the sender.

• Lilac roses indicate that the sender has fallen in love and thrilled with the recipient.

• Purple Valentine’s Day Roses mean the lover has fallen in love with the recipient at first sight.

• Valentine’s Day Pink roses express gratitude and appreciation. Pale pink evoke gentleness. Deep pink say “Thank you”.

• Red roses are the most popular when it comes to Valentine’s Day roses. Red Valentine’s Day roses make the perfect gift for a girlfriend or wife. They are the ultimate symbol of romantic love and lasting passion.

• White Valentine’s Day roses express reverence and symbolize truth and innocence. If you are missing someone, then you can express it through white rose. You can compliment someone with white rose to say he/she is heavenly.

• Peach roses talk about recognition, gratitude and sympathy.

Do you know the meaning of putting two or more colors of roses together?

Combination of roses is ideal for weddings or anniversaries to celebrate a long relationship with your lover.

• Combination of white roses with yellow roses is a symbol of harmony.

• Combination of red roses with yellow roses gives message of happiness.

• The combination of red roses and white roses indicates the harmony. You can give these roses to your wife on Valentine’s Day.

So, by giving these beautiful Valentine’s Day roses you get happiness and celebration.