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Red Wine – A Heart Healthy Valentine’s Day Gift Valentine’s Day Wine Gifts

You will realize why the red wine is an ideal gift for celebrating your Valentine’s Day if you know the health benefits of red wine for your heart.

Does red wine protect against heart disease?

Many studies have examined on the benefits of moderate amount of red wine. One glass per day for women and two drinks per day for men reduce the risk of heart attack if you are in your middle age. It is also suggested that alcohol like red wine may prevent further heart attacks if you are already suffering from heart problem. Other studies have also indicated that red wine can raise HDL cholesterol which is good cholesterol and prevent LDL cholesterol which is harmful cholesterol. Red wine may reduces the blood vessel damage by preventing blood clots. People who regularly drink red wine have less risk of heart disease.

How can red wine help your heart health?

• Red wine is particularly rich source for prevention of blood clots and the formation of plaques in arteries. So, Red wine is better than any other alcoholic beverage.

• Many studies have suggested that moderate alcohol consumption may reduce the risk of heart disease. Scientists have discovered that the red wine protects the heart.

• The Mediterranean diet includes greater intake of wine, is known for lower rates of heart disease despite a higher consumption of saturated fats.

• Red wine interferes with the body functions and prevents the arteries from the risk of a heart attack.

Red Wine and Coronary Heart Disease

Red wine contains a wide range of flavanoids; these are the chemicals that give taste and character to the wine. Many of these flavanoids act as antioxidants. The wine was the deciding factor in protection of heart disease for the persons in the south France. Even if these people eat high level of fat, they have lowest rates of heart disease in the world.

What do medical studies tell about red wine?

Many medical studies have shown that a moderate red wine reduces the risk of heart attack. Studies have also indicated that moderate amounts of alcohol consumption may even help to avoid future heart attacks, even after you have had one.

It is necessary to know the difference between types of cholesterol to understand how the wine can assist in heart care. Low density lipo-protein, LDL cholesterol blocks arteries and causes of all problems. The high density lipo protein, HDL helps to reduce the blocks in the arteries. The red wine helps in this area by increasing the HDL and creates more balance, blood thinning effect similar to aspirin.

It has been known for some time in the nutrition community that the wine is rich in vitamins and minerals as well as in natural sugars which are important in maintaining good health. Wine is also rich in potassium, which is good for the heart and rich in vitamin B. Red wines have more benefits than the other wines. The main reason is due to the manufacturing process of red wine which requires the grape juice to remain in contact with the skins of the grapes.