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Red and White Roses Valentine Wreath

What you will need:

1. 6 or 7 stems of white silk flowers – include roses
2. 6 or 7 stems of red silk flowers – include roses
3. 2 rolls of floral tape
4. Grapevine or straw wreath
5. Scissors


1. Cut a red flower from the stem; make sure that it has at least two inches of stem.

2. Use the floral tape to attach the flower to the wreath.

3. Continue these two steps with the red flowers until you have a good line of flowers that completely cover the wreath underneath. Make sure that all of the stems face the same direction.

4. Make a line of the white flowers. Make sure that the white flowers cover up the stems of the red flowers.

5. Continue doing this, alternating colors until you have covered the entire wreath.