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Quilled Hearts and Flowers Card

Materials Needed

  1. 2 mm blue quilling paper (2 strips)
  2. 3 mm quilling paper of green color with a gold edge (2 strips)
  3. 2 mm green quilling paper (3 strips)
  4. 3 mm blue quilling paper (1 strip)
  5. 10 mm pink quilling paper (2 strips)
  6. 11 x 11 cm piece of white lawn fabric
  7. 9 x 9 cm piece of Dacron or thick Vilene
  8. card mount
  9. 1 heart shaped cutout
  10. 45 cm silver ribbon 6 mm in width
  11. 30 cm white cotton lace
  12. craft adhesive
  13. a hole-punch
  14. crimp tool
  15. quilling tool

Instructions for Making the Card

With the help of the heart shaped cutout draw an outline of the heart on the card. Take the lawn fabric piece and iron it before cutting a length 20 mm bigger than the outline of the heart shape. Place it face down. Next, take the Dacron and cut it to the same length as the periphery of the heart shape. Place the Dacron on the lawn fabric piece, and place the heart shape over the Dacron.

With a pair of scissors, cut the overlapping fabric around the heart shaped card barring 3 mm of fabric. Fold this overlap over the heart shaped card and glue it all over. The fabric should be taut and not loose.

Apply a thin line of glue around the heart outline on the card mount. Press the white lace along the outline of the heart, as shown in the above picture. Now take the heart shaped card and carefully stick it on to the card mount.

On the pink paper, draw seven circles using a coin. Starting from the edge, cut each circle into a spiral going towards the center, as shown in the above picture. With the help of the quilling tool, starting from the cut edge, start rolling, and glue the end. You have just created the seven rose flower centers. Next, stick the rose flower centers onto a small piece of paper.

Paper-punch forty-two holes in the pink sheet for the seven roses. These circles will form the petals of the roses. Stick six circles around each spiraled rose-flower center. You will use up all the forty-two circles on the seven roses. When the glue dries cut off the paper in the background.

Now take the blue paper for making eleven bellflowers. Cut the paper into eighths of the length. Roll a strip onto the quilling tool forming a tight coil, and glue the end.

Remove the tight coil and push the center out gently with the handle of the tool. Apply glue to the hollow portion of the bellflower so that it retains its shape.

Take the green strip and make three lengths of 10 cm. Fold them into half and glue the inner sides to thicken the strip. Taper one end, as shown above. Glue the bellflowers to these stems.

You may now make some leaves. Take the gold edged green paper. Cut it into quarter lengths. With the help of the quilling tool, form a coil. Remove it from the tool and drop it on the work board, so that it uncoils. Glue the end. Pinch the two ends to form the shape of a leaf. Make seven such leaves.

To form some stems, take the plain green paper, hold one end and wind it diagonally around a fine knitting needle.

When you have reached the requisite length, pull the needle out. Your fancy spiral stem is ready.

You may gather all the items you have prepared and start placing them in position and sticking with glue, using the two cards as guide. Take the silver ribbon, form a bow, and fix it with glue on

If you wish to add a border to the card, crimp the blue strip of paper with the crimp tool. Draw a line some distance from the edge along the outline of the card. Place the crimped strip of blue over the drawn pencil line to hide it, and paste it in place. Once you have known the technique, you can use your imagination to design various cards for many different occasions.