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Quilled Crimped Valentine Card

Materials Needed

  1. 2 mm quilling paper – 6 sheets purple, 3 sheets gold-edged pale green, 4 sheets yellow, 1 sheet red, 3 sheets brown, and 3 sheets medium green
  2. 3 mm quilling paper – 3 sheets gold-edged cream
  3. paper-hole punch
  4. craft knife
  5. quilling tool
  6. cutting board
  7. tracing paper 16 cm x 21 cm
  8. gold paint/ink
  9. fine paint brush
  10. paper motif
  11. a card mount

Instructions for Making the Card

Take the tracing paper and place it atop the diagram. Align the top left of the tracing paper with that of the diagram. With a sharp pencil, trace the diagram. Next, open the card mount face up and tape it on the cutting board to keep it steady.

Place the tracing paper over the right fold, aligning the top left with the top left of the crease. Retrace the drawing with the help of a hard pencil or an embossing tool. The idea is to indent the face of the card with the design. After removing the tracing, cut along the out line of the design with the help of a sharp knife. Now place the slip-sheet inside the card and draw along the shaped edge. Once done, remove it from the card, and cut through to form the shape.

Next, take the gold paper, crimp it, and stick it around the outer edge of the indented heart. Now take the yellow paper, crimp it, and glue it over all the edges of the face of the card, except the part of the heart already covered by the gold paper. Next, you may crimp the medium green paper, curl it not so tight, and follow the indented lines. Glue them on the card. Take the brown paper and treat it similarly.

On the red paper, draw 15 circles using a coin. Starting from the edge, cut each circle into a spiral going towards the center, as shown in the above picture. With the help of the quilling tool, starting from the cut edge, start rolling, and glue the end. You have just created rose flower centers. Next, stick each rose-flower center onto a small piece of paper.

Paper-punch 90 holes in the red sheet for fifteen roses. These circles will form the petals of the roses. Stick six circles around each spiraled rose-flower center. You will use up all the 90 circles on the 15 roses. When the glue dries cut off the paper in the background.

Take the pale green paper and divide the three strips into five pieces each to form 15 leaves. Form a loose coil, and stick the end with glue. When dry, pinch both the ends to form shape of the leaf, as shown above.

Now, take the cream paper, with the help of the quilling tool wind tightly rolled pegs, and glue the end. Use different lengths of paper to vary the size of the pegs. You may make three pegs from 8 cm lengths, three from 6 cm lengths, and three each from 4.5 cm and 3 cm lengths.

Using the above technique, form more tight pegs from the purple paper. Divide each strip into 8 pieces, and make 66 tight pegs. From the yellow paper, make 11 pegs. Glue six purple pegs around each yellow peg to form eleven forget-me-nots.

Referring to the main picture, place all the roses, leaves, etc. and glue them properly.