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Purple ‘Love’ Page Valentine’s Day Scrapbooking Layout

Materials Needed:

– Purple ‘silk’ paper
– Purple ‘petal’ paper
– Red metallic card
– Purple paper
– Silver letter peel-offs
– Red fabric hearts
– Red ribbon
– 2 Silver brads
– Scissors
– Hole punch
– Computer (with printing facility)
– Double sided tape


1) Tear across the petal paper roughly in half to cover the bottom of the silk paper as shown below:

2) Cut a tag shape from the red card, and punch a hole at the top.

3) Print a section of a dictionary extract of ‘love’ (see onto the purple paper, making sure the printable area of the text is the same width as the tag created previously.

Alternatively, if you do not have access to a printer and feel confident of writing elegant lettering, you could write your own special words on the purple paper.

4) Carefully tear the purple paper containing the text along the top and bottom, and wrap around the tag as shown in the image on the right. Fasten using glue on the back.

5) Attach a ribbon through the hole in the tag, and tie. Fasten the entire tag to the top left of the page (This is just a guideline, see the final photograph to see how we have laid it out) using a small amount of glue on the back.

As an alternative, you could try fastening just the ribbon, allowing the tag to lift up and reveal a special message or photograph.

6) Tear a rectangle of the metallic card, slightly larger than a photograph you wish to use. Stick the photograph to the paper using glue, and then attach to the page.

7) Print the ‘love’ related words onto purple paper. Again, you can write these if you wish. Tear the edges of the paper, and fasten to the bottom of the page using brads.

8) Finally, stick the red fabric hearts below the tag, and use peel off stickers to spell out ‘Valentine’. Again, these are just ideas – feel free to try other valentine related peel offs or stickers to complete your page.