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Potpourri Valentine Hearts


satin cloth scraps
satin ribbon
potpourri (lavender or rose make the perfect Valentine’s Day scents)


1. Cut out small (about 3 to 4 inch) hearts from satin cloth. Two cloth cut-outs will make one heart.

2. Place the hearts, backs facing, on each other and sew all around leaving a small space for filling potpourri.

3. Turn the heart bag right side out and stuff it with potpourri of your choice.

4. Sew the opening shut and while closing the opening, stitch in a piece of satin ribbon forming a loop.

5. Hang the potpourri hearts using the satin ribbon loop in your drawers, door knobs or a hook in your clothes cupboard or you can even keep them in your suitcases when traveling. Hang a few hearts n kitchen hooks to keep your kitchen smelling fresh.