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Planning a Romantic Valentine’s Day Meal

Even stale bread seems tasty enough when you are have your beloved to share it. But you have got to admit that even the best of traditional and modern lavish holiday dinners do not seem at all romantic when compared to chocolate dipped strawberries and oysters. Here are some tips that will help you plan an irresistibly romantic fare for your Valentine:

1. Include Aphrodisiac foods in your meals to add instant sex appeal. Use chocolate and berries in your dessert and garlic in all dishes that require sautéing. Avocados and Artichoke hearts can be used to make sides and dips. Here is a List of Aphrodisiac foods which will come handy.

2. Try to make dishes with a smooth, creamy and silken texture. For example a White Chocolate Mousse or a Strawberry Soufflé Omelet.

3. Keep the dishes light to avoid feeling lethargic after the meal.

4. Avoid any oily finger foods as you will find your oily hands a hindrance when holding hands between the meal.

5. Go for dishes that have a soft and mellow taste as opposed to strong and pungent flavors.

6. A word of caution when using chocolate. Chocolate has to be included in the dessert (except if you or your partner really do not like it) but too much of chocolate or too bitter a chocolate can cause difficulties. Choose a softer variety and keep the portions small. Let your own judgment and individual tastes guide you when using chocolate.

7. Add some easy to eat finger foods which you can feed each other.

8. This is one dinner that doesn’t need to be too lavish. What is really needed here is your own enjoyment of it. So, instead of planning an elaborate menu, choose a total of 4 or 5 dishes and ensure that you don’t get overworked.