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Pairing Chocolate and Wine Valentine’s Day Wine Gifts

You will find it interesting if you about pairing chocolate and wine. There are some special varieties of wine that can pair well with certain variety of chocolate. You will get information about how to pair the wine and chocolate in this article.

How can you enjoy your chocolate and wine?

You can start tasting with the wine allowing it to saturate the mouth fully. Then, you can taste chocolates which will melt slowly in your tongue. Sip your wine again and you can further enjoy your chocolate.

Those who eat chocolate and wine find a great enjoyment. Both are made from fruit. The flavor and aroma given by cocoa pods and grape are due to their soil, climate and weather conditions. Both are made from beans and grapes with distinct flavor. The good news for those who love both wine and chocolate is that they complement each other.

Champagne and chocolate pair very effectively and they are most preferred. Riesling, Chenin Blancs and Sauternes pair with rich chocolate. However, they pair with the white chocolate also. Some experts do not believe in drinking dry red wine with chocolate. But you can try it and make your own opinion.

How to pair wine and chocolate?

Both wine and chocolate can be very complex. Can pairing wine and chocolate really be done? If you know your wine and your chocolate then you can make this combination, a match made in heaven. White and red wines are good for many health aspects include heart care.

Wine that you choose should be sweeter than chocolate. Since chocolate coats your mouth when you eat, you will need a wine that helps to pass the chocolate. The most important factor in all pairs of chocolate and wine is that only you can decide the better pair.

What wine you can pair with bittersweet dark chocolate?

The richest and most intensely flavored chocolates are known as the bittersweet dark chocolates which contain less sugar and more quantity of cocoa around 71 to 100 percent. Their bitter roasted aroma is so intense; it really needs a robust red wine to balance the taste. Zinfandels, Australian shiraz grenache can pair with bittersweet dark chocolate. As these chocolates are less sweet, you can experiment with most sweet wines such as ports and muscat.

What wine can pair with white chocolate?

Champagne, Rieslings and Gewürztraminers are good pairs of white chocolate.

What wine can pair with semisweet chocolate?

Semisweet chocolate contains about 50 to 70 per cent of cocoa. Semisweet chocolate is balanced and less in sweet. Cabernets, Bordeauxs and ruby port are considered as classic wines to pair with semisweet chocolate.

What wine can pair with milk chocolate?

Milk chocolate contains small amount of cocoa and high sugar content. Choose a wine sweeter than chocolate. This rule is to be followed for all kind of pairs. Savory tawny port can best match for milk chocolate. But if you find Pinot Noir you can try with it too.