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Love me for Love’s Sake – A Norwegian Love Song

The book ‘Thelma’ by Marie Corelli is the most enchanting love story ever written. A simple norwegian lass, Thelma is purity, faithfullness and love combined with a loveliness of extraordinary value. In the novel, thelma sings this beautiful norwegian song which is translated in English by the author and is sure to touch the hearts of all those women who are truly in love.

“Lovest thou me for my beauty’s sake?
Love me not then!
Love the victorious, glittering Sun,
The fadeless, deathless, marvellous One!”

“Lovest thou me for my youth’s sake?
Love me not then!
Love the triumphant, unperishing Spring,
Who every year new charms doth bring!”

“Lovest thou me for treasure’s sake?
Oh, love me not then!
Love the deep, the wonderful Sea,
Its jewels are worthier love than me!”

“Lovest thou me for Love’s own sake?
Ah sweet, then love me!
More than the Sun and the Spring and the Sea,
Is the faithful heart I will yield to thee!”