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List of Aphrodisiac foods

Aphrodisiac foods are foods which act on the mind and cause the arousal of the mood of sexual desire. Whether some foods are aphrodisiac may not be a proven scientific fact but our polls show that most women swear by some of them. Here’s a handy list for you to try including in your meals and recipes:

1. Oysters

2. Chocolate

3. Artichokes

4. Avocados

5. Honey

6. Asparagus

7. Strawberries

8. Caviar

9. Truffles

10. Cappuccino

11. Radishes

12. Tomatoes

13. Grapes

14. Garlic

15. Onions

16. Vanilla

17. Basil

18. Wine

19. Potatoes

20. Pine Nuts