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I Love You/Profession of Love Love Letter

Dear Delilah,

I’m sorry I’ve taken so long to reply to your letter. I know I promised I would write more often, but once the plane landed in Dublin and I was finally away from everything back home, I grasped how totally Mary broke my heart. It felt like there was nothing but splinters on the left side of my ribcage, instead of a heart. I needed to be alone, and to think. I guess to drown myself for a while in the sounds of the waves against the cliffs of Ireland. And my sorrows in pints from half the pubs of Dublin, I admit.

This situation has been so unfair to you. I feel selfish for falling for you while another girl was in the process of destroying me emotionally. The thing is, I know I never would have developed feelings for you if Mary hadn’t left me with the flimsy excuse of studying organic farming in Thailand. Deep down I knew she was cheating on me and I’d already begun to move on. Yet ten years is a long time to be with someone, and when she finally admitted the truth to me and then begged me to take her back, I felt so lost. She needed me, my forgiveness. Maybe I should just give in, I was thinking.

But then there was you. When you came to stay for the summer, I tried so hard not to fall for you. We became such good friends. The conversations about politics and art that lasted for hours into the night, your gorgeous hazel eyes, your sense of humor. You’d always catch me off guard and make me laugh.

Now, two months later, it is simple. You are the saving grace of this situation for me. I needed to leave and clear my head, but the thing is, here, alone, thousands of miles away, I love you. Everything has changed around me except for that. I don’t want Mary. I don’t know if you’ve moved on, or have given up on me. Somehow I know you haven’t.

But Delilah, you’re like a ray of light in my life. Please be with me.