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Heart and Hands Valentine


Scrapbooking paper
Scrap of tight-woven lace
Ribbon to match the paper
Embroidery floss


Fold the paper in half. Take your hand and lie it across the paper closed. trace your closed hand shape onto the paper. cut out. You now have duplicates- a front and back of your hand! While the hands are being held together, cut out a heart shape in the center where the palm would be. Now separate the hands. Use a glue stick and glue a piece of lace over each hands heart. Now take the glue and glue the top part of the hands together right up to the lace.

Then add a small amount of the potpourri to the heart and finish gluing shut. At the bottom cut incisions to allow you to run a piece of lace through. Cut from another piece of
paper a paper heart and glue it to the ribbon!

Optional: You can also do a running stitch with embroidery floss around her heart.