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Different Ways with Roses

Valentine’s Day is coming up and there is Love in the air. Nothing says ‘Love’ better than Roses. Here are some romantic ways of making Roses convey your feelings to your Valentine:

1. Go the classic way. A dozen long-stemmed red roses for him or her.

2. Red is not the only option. In fact, surveys show that various shades of pink, from red to light pink, are more favorites with girls. Pink roses will be a beautiful gift.

3. Think out of the box and choose the old-fashioned variety or other different varieties of roses than the usual long-stemmed ones. Those pretty blooms will freshen up the room as well as warm her heart.

4. There are also some newer varieties like ‘Black magic’ which are shaded, velvety and exotic. They will also make a great choice.

5. Roses does not mean ‘only roses’. A fresh-looking bouquet of early spring blooms like daisies can contain roses in them.

6. You can get bouquets ordered at a restaurant where you have invited him or her for tea or lunch.

7. At home, you can have the bouquet waiting at the breakfast table.

8. If you have planned a breakfast in bed, your breakfast tray can carry a single rose bloom or a hand-tied posy of roses from your garden.

9. Tie rose blooms to the center of the ribbon of your wrapped gift box where the bow is tied.

10. Place a ring in the center of an exotic bloom.