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Champagne Valentine’s Day Wine Gifts

Champagne is one of the world’s most finest wine which is produced only in the Champagne district of France. The different regions of Champagne district which are producing wine and the different varieties of Champagne are explained in this article.

Main Champagne producing regions

The Champagne district of France is one of the world’s largest and most famous wines producing region. It is located about one hundred kilometers north of Paris. The 75,000 hectares of vineyards region of Champagne district are in fact divided into three main wine producing areas Vallee de la Marne, Montagne de Reims and Cote des Blancs.

Out of these three wine producing areas, the largest is the Vallee de la Marne which is mainly a chalky area having a thin layer of topsoil, which provides adequate drainage for the vine and also a strong base which reflects the sun’s heat for helping the grapes to ripen. The best vineyards in the Champagne are located here, which is high enough to escape from the freezing winter and low enough to be protected from the blazing summer heat.

The Montagne de Reims, which is located on a forested plateau of south of Reims is an excellent place for a vineyard with deep layer of crustaceous chalk under a thin layer of topsoil, which offers perfect conditions for growing grapes. This region produces the famous Grand and Premier Cru wines.

The Cote des Blancs is located on the edge of the south of Epernay where chalky subsoil is excellent for producing Chardonnay which is one of the high quality grapes which is used for producing Champagne. It should be also mentioned that the latest Champagne producing region includes Sezanne Cote, which has just started producing wine since 1960s. But it has turned out to be a significant region, which produces very high quality Chardonnay grapes.

The other most important wine producing areas include northernmost regions, which consists of mountains that enjoys an almost unique microclimate and it helps to produce some of the best Champagne in the world. The most important thing to understand about Champagne is that it is not a wine itself, but a mixture of several different wines. A large-scale producer of Champagne will hold several million gallons of wine from different vineyards in the Champagne region, which will be then mixed to produce a finished product.

The Different Varieties of Champagnes available

Thus it is the talent of the blender to produce some of great Champagnes and the method of mixing is kept as a closely guarded secret, which will be known only to those who are employed in producing Champagne. Champagne is a symbol of joy and happiness.

Champagne is listed on the label with different dozes of drought or softness. Brut is the driest one, and then comes extra dry, and then sec, demi-sec and also the sweetest category of champagne. Demi-sec and doux are very soft and it is regarded as dessert wines. It is used during the marriage ceremony while serving the wedding cake. Brut should be avoided for such occasions. And another different category of Champagne is the Dom Perignon.

Serving Champagne

Champagne is a prestige symbol. Champagne should be served in long-stemmed glasses or in tulip shaped glasses. Crystal glasses are recommended, as they match the luxury drinking. These kinds of glasses are designed to improve the flow of bubbles to the crown and concentrate the flavors of the wine.

And most importantly, Champagne should be served very chilled.