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Category: Valentine’s Day Parties

Why is Valentine’s Day celebrated?

Valentine was a pastor who served under the reign of Emperor Claudius II during 3rd century. February 14 was devoted to the Roman goddess Juno. Romans worshipped Juno as the idol of marriage and women. Emperor Claudius II believed that bachelor men perform better as soldiers than family men. As a result he banned marriage in his empire. Valentine felt this act as injustice. He opposed Claudius and carried out marriages for young lovers in secret. When Valentine’s activities were found, Claudius sentenced him to death. So as a regard for the Saint, Valentine’s Day is celebrated.

What is the impact of games on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day Games not only entertain and amuse your guests but also act as an introduction among young people. But, while preparing the games for the Valentine’s Day party, keep in mind the age of your guests. If you have planned for a children’s party, then the game will be unusual from Valentine’s Day games.

Do you know some of the common Valentine’s Day games?

Know Your Love

Distribute small heart-shaped papers and ask each guest to write their favorite movie, food, book and how they spend their vacation. No one should mention his or her name in the paper. Then, drop papers in a bowl and ask everyone to take out in random. The person, who guesses the most correct answers, wins. This shows how you know your loved ones.

Funny Rings and Jar

For this game, take a bowl of milk or dark liquid and put the ring in it. Now ask a couple to take off their rings and throw it in the bowl which contains many other rings. Then they have to put their hands in to the bowl to take the ring of their partner without seeing it. They are allowed to take their out hands only once. The couple, who discover the right ring in the shortest time, is the winner of this game. You can fill a glass jar with candy and ask your guest to guess the number of candies inside. But before starting the game, make sure you have counted the number of candies inside. Whoever guesses right, or closest to the answer wins the game.

Lip Sticking and Matching

Draw a big face on paper and have a pair of lips cut separately. Participants in this Valentine’s Day will be blindfolded and they have to stick the lips in the right place. Write a pair of some words associated with Valentine’s Day and put them in a hat. Each piece of paper will have one word and its pair will be written on a separate sheet of paper. Your friend has to pick a word from the bowl and he has to search for the person who has the liaison word. The pair, who finds the first two words, wins this game.

Couple Quiz

Take out a person from each couple and take them to a separate room. Ask questions about the person’s spouse. Note the responses given by the person, and once all responses are recorded get some other people in the room and put the same questions to them. Now compare the answers given by each and see how they understood each other.

Party games are the best Valentine’s Day Games. But, make sure you have all the features like money, space, idea of the game etc before arranging a game.

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Printable Valentine’s Day Games for Kids

Valentine’s Day Games to Print

These printable Valentine’s Day games make great indoor activities for kids on Valentine’s Day.

Valentine Cryptogram RiddlesThere are so many brainteasers that we’ve included a second bonus game for twice the fun! Players race to be the first done solving these Valentine riddles using the number code for each letter. Answer keys included.

Printable games & answer keys
2 versions included
Personalize It! Options: none available
Password login – so you can login to print when it’s convenient for you
Unlimited printouts for the next 90 days

Valentine Secret Message

Kids just love to decode secret messages! Have them cross out the letters and race to be the first to complete the hidden Valentine message. Answer key included.

Printable game & answer key
Personalize It! Options: none available
Password login – so you can login to print when it’s convenient for you
Unlimited printouts for the next 90 days

Valentine Bingo

Your classic Bingo game with a new twist – you can totally customize each square! Choose your own words and a message for the top, or use the pre-filled option with Valentine items already in the squares.

And with our Game Card Generator, you get a different Valentine Bingo Card for each guest – even if you have 200 players! Generator will scramble items for unique cards. Call card included.

Valentine Picture Bingo

Bingo made for the youngest players! All squares have pictures so even the kids can play bingo. Generator will scramble pictures for unique cards. Call card with pictures included.

Valentine Tic-Tac-Toe

Fun, easy, and perfect for younger children! Let them pair up and play as many times as they want, or challenge them to a playoff where winners play winners until only one is left standing! With reusable chips, just clear the board when you’re done…and this game could last all day!

Valentine Word Scramble

These Valentine words are all mixed up and players race to unscramble them. Younger players might take more time, but rush the adults to unscramble in 60 seconds and see what kind of laughter you can make! Answer key included.

Valentine Fun Candy Trivia

What’s one of the best things about Valentine’s Day? The candy, of course! See who will be the first player to match up these fun little trivia facts about candy from the clues given. Answer key included.

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Printable Valentine’s Day Party Games for Adults

Valentine’s Day Games to Print

These printable Valentine’s Day will make your party an affair to remember. The games are perfect for a couples party or even an intimate evening with just you and your partner. All the games are instantly emailed to you. You can print them yourself to use right away. No shipping or handling fees. You can print as many copies as you like.

Sex Trivia Game

This sex facts game is perfect for adult Valentine parties!

Which way do most turkeys and giraffes “swing”?

What is a Buckle Bunny?

Which prime-time TV series was the first to show a couple in bed?

Your guests won’t be able to get enough…

Full answer sheet included.

Meet Your Match

What would happen if Arnold Schwartzenegger and Marilyn Monroe met at a bar? This and many, many more funny scenarios await you in this hilarious famous couples game!

Each party guest takes an identity; couples act out a scenario. The other guests have to guess who they are and what they’re doing!

adults only (some content may offend)

I Love You Sayings Game

How do you say “I Love You” in French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Persian, Dutch, Hindi, Flemish or more?

This fun match-up game will teach your guests the TRUE meaning of the language of love!

Easy to play and suitable for small or large crowds, this great value game is the perfect family Valentine’s Day party entertainment.
Full answer sheet provided

Sexy Strip Game

Looking for Valentine Day party ideas? Planning on surprising your other half with something really unusual? Our sexy Valentine strip card game is extra-special!
Take turns drawing cards. Get an answer about your relationship wrong and you’re losing some clothes!
The first person naked loses — or do they?!

ADULTS ONLY: suitable for one adult couple to play in private.

Ninja Love Quiz

This is the funniest trivia game of the year!
Just because Ninjas have a ferocious reputation, doesn’t mean they can’t have tender feelings too…
We’ve taken some fun facts about love and added a Ninja twist. Hilarious!
Full answer sheet provided.

Sexy Scavenger Hunt

The Sexy Adult Scavenger Hunt is perfect for a couple to enjoy on Valentine’s Day!
We give you clues and you must find the “treasure” on your partner’s body. The person who finds the most clues is the winner… though we think you’re BOTH going to win with this fun game!

ADULTS ONLY: suitable for one adult couple to play in private.

I Did It For Love Game

How far have YOU gone for love? This hilarious party game will let you and your guests tell all!
Did you ever serenade somebody? Buy a drink for a stranger? Make out in public? Prepare for some blushes!
Please note: adults only. Some people may be offended by elements of this game.

Romance Trivia

This is a multiple choice game about the history of romance.
How long is the longest recorded kiss? How many more lovers do readers of romance novels take? What percentage of men still hold open doors for women?
Although we designed this as a Valentine’s Day game, it’s a fun romantic trivia quiz which could easily be used for other occasions, such as wedding anniversary parties.

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Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Young Adults

Welcome the Valentine

If regular Valentine’s Day parties do not interest you anymore, you may try out a new party theme this year. It will run up some excitement among your friends and liven up the party. Different ways are there to celebrate the occasion. As far as young adults are concerned, they always seek out unique means to propose to their love. A Valentine’s Day party is a wonderful place for professing your love to your Valentine. So rock it while the going is good and the party is rocking.

Selecting a Theme

Generally speaking, choosing a theme for a party to make it a memorable affair is a difficult task. However, no hurdles can dampen young spirits and check the flow of creative ideas. You may select the party theme by discussing the topic with your buddies and parents. Well, if you opt to hold a party in a pub or disco, you are relieved of the trouble of organizing the party, though it may be cost heavy. A highly romantic theme like, ‘Love is in the Air’ can be quite appropriate for the occasion.

Decorating the Party Room

Red is the color chosen by the cupid as an expression of love. Cover your room with the decorations submerged in red. To start with, roll out the red carpet in your room. You may start rolling it from outside the front door. It is a nice way to welcome your peers, friends and other loved ones. But don’t you think you should be giving a special welcome to your Valentine? Adorn the walkway with lighted luminaries with votive candles, and heart-shaped paper punch. You may create your own luminaries out of red snack bags sand.

Dress Code

A dress code in a party is a must to make the theme standout. Norm is to have boys dressed in black suits and girls to be in red dresses. Whether to include a dress code as part of the party theme is a matter of personal choice. You may even think about putting up banners. You may ask all the visitors to arrive with a different Valentine Welcome Banners. It can be replaced with a figure of the Cupid and his bow and arrow. To make things more exciting, announce a prize for the best banner.

Extra Efforts for the Loved One

Candles add to expressions of love. In addition, Valentine parties are generally celebrated at night. Therefore, you get another opportunity to spellbind everyone by weaving your magic around everyone’s heart. All you have to do is to brighten the night with red and white candles. These candles can be purchased from garage stores or dollar stores at after-Christmas sales. There is nothing more romantic than a candle-lit night party.

Everyone has a chandelier at home. Why should that be left without rendering a touch of love? You may hang a teddy or a dangling heart on it or over the dining table. Now, when everything has been settled perfectly, then comes a time to invite cupid at the party. Cupids are available at every other corner of the market on Valentine’s Day. Everyone uses them to deliver that knockout punch at the party. Cover the left over space with cupids and heart-shaped pillows.

Deciding the Menu

This was all about the atmosphere for your party theme. The menu for the party also needs looking into. It may include chocolate-chipped cookies with chocolate drinks, and other favorite eatables of yours and your pals. Pink and white food may just be right for the occasion. That would set a good combo with the color red. The stage has been set for young adults to enjoy the well-organized party and have a heart-to-heart talk with their Valentine.

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Valentine’s Day Party for Older Couples

Valentine’s Day is a time for celebrations and exchanging happiness. Anyone, regardless of age, race and creed can become a part of the merriment. The only condition to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to be in love. It can be anyone. Everyone has his or her own way of celebrating the occasion, which could be having either a rocking party or a quiet candlelight dinner together. Every couple wants to be together on this day, be it young or old. Here are some Valentine’s Day party ideas for older couples.

Sending Invitations

  • If you are considering organizing a party at home, you may start sending out invitations at least two weeks in advance. Children have the capability to be creative on such occasions. Therefore, you may ask your grand children to craft out your invitation cards. They can use red decorative paper and render it a shape of the heart. Invite a bunch of all your old friends. The party should be a get together for all family friends and relatives. After all, you are going to relive your past memories.


  • Decorate your home with flowers like roses, daisies and jasmines to appeal to different moods. Balloons play a major role in every party. Color scheme of red pink, purple and white will be the ideal ones. Craft out some larger hearts out of construction paper and have them dangling from the ceiling using yarns, threads, and streamers. You may add love quotes on the hearts too.
  • Pen down your and your partner’s name on two large hearts and hang them from a chandelier over the central table.

Party Activities

  • You may select a party theme like ballroom dancing. Mention about your party theme in your invitation card. This will help all the guests to come dressed up for the occasion.
  • This is the day to boost up your spirits and to feel young at heart. As the host couple, you may have your names on the cake. Set a soft piece of music rolling in the background.
  • You may practice your steps a few days before the occasion. After all, as the host couple, you have to be the winner. Both of you must select a gift for each other. Be sure to conceal it from each other until the day arrives.
  • As your guests arrive, escort them in a special way. As they arrive, hand over a rose to each one of them. They will surely appreciate this gesture of yours.

Menu Suggestions

Your Valentine’s Day menu may have hot peppered candied walnuts, mélange of vegetables, shrimps, wild mushrooms, heart shaped cake and cookies, and your favorite cocktail. As you are throwing the party to celebrate Valentine’s Day, the evening should be dipped in the colors of love. Moreover, your menu must include desserts. The desserts may have some of your partner’s favorite ice cream. However, the traditional dessert to be served on the occasion is raspberries and strawberries in well-blended natural yoghurt. Your guests could have a real lip-smacking time while finishing off the goodies.

As the time to present the token of your love to your partner arrives, raise a toast to your Valentine and read out a speech appreciating your sweetheart and her contribution to your life. You may add the description of the best moments that you have spent together, and some witty messages about the ways she may have bailed you out when you were in trouble. You may read out a love poem in her honor and present the long awaited secret gift. This way you will certainly capture the heart of your Valentine once again.

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A Romantic Dinner on Valentine’s Day

We hope you are not among the skeptics who think Valentine’s Day is a headache. If you are the kind who wants to surprise your beloved with a little yet lovely romantic idea, then here are some foolproof suggestions for you. You may arrange a dinner in a nice restaurant. This one is especially for the hubbies. You people may greet your spouse with self-cooked dinner on a specially adorned table. This will be certainly welcomed by her after a hectic day. Do not forget to tell her that you did not seek the help of a concierge. Here is the idea.

Adorning the Table with Nice Food

You can arrange to play at the table a little mimicry game with your valentine trying to convey to her your thoughts by moving your eyeballs. But, for that, your table needs to be appropriately decorated to gel with the valentine mood. Cover the table with paper goods cut out in heart shape and red and white roses. You may dangle a balloon on the chandelier over the table. This will add to your preparations and impress the beloved. Try something new other than serving chili peppers and oatmeal cookies. A nice fiesta will add grace to your romantic idea and you will come up to the expectations of your valentine.

The menu must consist of pink and white food along with heart shaped cakes and cookies. What about heart shaped pizzas with salami on top? To add a pinch of red color to stimulate the atmosphere, you can have raspberries, strawberries, or blueberries blended in yoghurt. We know you are cherishing the mouthwatering dishes already. Any dinner without desserts is lifeless and your dinner will miss that vital ingredient. Do not worry about your dessert. As you would be celebrating Valentine’s Day with your beloved, you may ensure that the whole mood is submerged in delight. Get some bowls and fill them with strawberry ice cream and red or pink sweets.

Creating the Atmosphere

This is your romantic dinner that you have organized in honor of your beloved. Do you not think that you are forgetting something important? So, you catch the point. It is setting the mood with nice and soft music, and candles. Try to have the ones with pink, red and white in color. In spite of candles, you may dim the lights too. It will render the same effect. However, in case you are planning to have candle light dinner then be sure to enlighten the aura with taper candles.

The next romantic idea asks you to adorn the ceiling. Red cardboard cupids and hearts will work for you. Some people tend to replace the traditional norm of hearts and cupids. If you are also among such people, then try to have pictures of love birds in frames. Another off beaten idea is to have cardboard cooing doves in a birdcage. If you do not have the time or the inclination to go to such lengths, then you may search out the market on the eve. The market swarms with love pieces on Valentine’s Day.

Presenting a Gift to the One You Love So

You might not be a poet but can be one. After all, you can do that much for your precious one. Read out a self-written poem in your valentine’s honor appreciating her beauty and describing your love for her. Lastly, present the gift that you have planned. Be ready to be embraced and cherish the most memorable moment of your life.

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A Pink Themed Valentine’s Day Party Idea for Girls

It is no surprise that little girls love PINK and HEARTS. Throw a pink party for your little girl and her friends this Valentine’s Day!

The Dress Code – Pink, of course!

Ask all the girls to dress up in pink. Although it is difficult to find a little girl without a pink dress in her wardrobe, make it compulsory to wear at least a pink accessory to the party if any of them does not have a dress entirely in pink.

Pink Decorations

Pink tablecloths, plates, heart shaped balloons, large pink paper flowers and any pink stuff your little princess might already have in her toy drawers can all be used for decoration. A pink bedsheet can be hung up in a swag or used to make a tent for the girls to play in.

Pink Party Activities & Games

The girls can have a ‘makeover’ party complete with pink nailpolish and pink hairspray. A ‘pink’ fashion show is also a great idea.

Cupcake decorating with all pink decorations is a fun activity for kids of all ages. And so is making pink Valentines to exchange with each other. Just supply them with pink craft supplies and let them come up with their own creative valentine cards. A ‘Pink Heart Gift Exchange’ will also be fun where all guests bring a gift in a heart shaped pink box.

For games, you could have a ‘Pass the Pink Parcel’ on the lines of ‘Pass the Parcel’. Another idea is to have a memory game where all the things shown will be of pink color.

You could have ‘pink’ and ‘heart’ versions of many popular games like ‘guess how many’, ‘dumb charades’, ‘treasure hunt’, ‘scavenger hunt’ etc.

Pink Food Ideas

Make the food as appealing as the pretty little guests themselves! Here are some ideas for a pink party menu:

Pink Popcorn

Add pink food coloring to melted sugar and coat popped corn with it.

Jelly Candies Served in Pink Silicone Cups

Pink Iced Donuts

Add pink food coloring to icing and coat donuts with it.

Pink Macaroons

Pink Cake Pops

Crumble cake and make balls out of them using icing to bind together. Insert sticks and dip in pink tinted candy coating (e.g. Wilton’s Candy Melts)

More Pink Food Ideas:

  • Pink Strawberry Ice Cream

  • Pink Strawberry Yoghurt Cups

  • Pink Cake

  • Pink Cupcakes

  • Pink Cookies

  • Pink Marshmallows

  • Pink Lollipops

  • Pink Lemonade

Pink Valentine Party Favors

Gift homemade cookies, chocolates, candy or trinkets like jewelry, key chains, hair accessories in heart shaped boxes or heart print gift bags as romantic Valentine’s Day favors for your young guests.

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