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Of Valentine’s and Valentines – History of Old Valentine Cards

Interestingly, how Valentine’s Day actually became associated with love and romance isn’t known. Some people believe that the holiday is actually the feast of St. Valentine. According to popular legends, Valentine was a priest who helped young soldiers who were then forbidden to get married. There are also those who think that the feast of St. Valentine was originally a pagan fertility festival in Rome. Curiously, it was only when Geoffrey Chaucer used this feast in a poem celebrating the engagement of Richard II and Anne of Bohemia that Valentine’s Day became associated with love and romance the way we know it today.

Regardless of where Valentine’s Day really originated, one thing have stayed the same through the years – the holiday is recognized by the exchange of cards between lovers. Valentine cards have always been popular since time immemorial. The first valentines ever written were created by Charles, Duke of Orleans for his wife. Most of these notes can still be viewed in the British Museum up to this day.

Exchanging valentines is a common practice since the 16th century and until today valentine cards haven’t lost their touch yet. In fact, Valentine’s Day sees the most number of cards sent within the year, second only to Christmas. Throughout history, these cards have served their purpose of expressing love to men and women joined by their affection for each other.

The only difference is in how they are made. In the 17th century, cards were personally created by those who send them. These cards were elaborately designed with lace, flowers and other trimmings to make them unique. It was only in the 1800’s that mass-produced valentines were introduced in the market. By the 19th century, cards gained more popularity with the advent of the penny post which made sending notes a lot more affordable.

Penny postcards became widely popular towards the end of the nineteenth century. At that time, it was considered a fad to display one’s collection of cards for guests to marvel. Postcards and valentines were then preserved for the pleasure of both the recipients and his or her guests.

Because of the increasing regard for valentine cards, manufacturers sought to find new and exciting ways to make their products more attractive. Thus came the photographic postcards. Valentines with actual photos on them started making their way into stationery shops.

The designs from old valentine cards make these vintage items attractive. You must have a couple of old cards yourself. People keep them for their sentimental value. Instead of letting them gather dust in your shelves you can make a poster out of them and hang them on your living room wall. That would start an interesting family conversation. You can even put them on display by putting them in those picture-holders suspended by wires that are so in fashion these days. There’s just a lot that you can do with old memories with just a bit of imagination and creativity.

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Valentine’s Day Symbols

When you start floating in love and when the time has come to express the deep rooted emotions to your lover then you will start visualizing the symbols related with valentine.

What are the common symbols of Valentine’s Day?

Angels, flowers, hearts, doves and candy are the first things which will come to your mind when you think of Valentine’s Day. It is commonly associated with Valentine’s Day. There are numerous symbols related with Valentine’s Day and these symbols are often marked in gifts and other tokens of love which are delivered on Valentine’s Day. When the Valentine’s Day celebration starts then you can find out fat, cute looking cupids and other symbols in Archie’s Gallery and other stores.

What do the Roses symbolize?

Roses symbolize love, friendship, compassion and peace. It’s an interesting fact that if the letters of the word “rose” is rearranged; you will get “Eros” the God of love. Not only red roses but also roses of other colors are also given on Valentine’s Day to express different messages. The red color is related with powerful feelings. It is a color of love and it’s the favorite flower of the Roman goddess Venus who is known as the goddess of love.

Why do you consider the Heart as the symbol of love?

The heart represents love in its purest form, so it becomes the hottest symbol of Valentine’s Day. Giving your heart to someone means you are giving the most precious and vital thing from you. The heart symbolizes life. Love is related with heart so heart becomes the most important symbol of Valentines Day. Love doesn’t know age, religion, country etc and you may just fall in love with anyone.

How do Birds become the symbol of love?

“Lovebirds” is the word frequently used to denote deep loving couples. It is strongly believed that birds find their companion on Valentine’s Day. Pigeons and doves are the symbols of loyalty. We all have heard the word “lovebirds”, but many of us don’t know which bird is really called as lovebird. Lovebirds are in fact colorful parrots mostly found in Africa and the reason why they are called as lovebirds is that they used to sit in pairs. Doves are the symbols of purity, virtue and humility. The bird dove is really the pinnacle of love and loyalty, because they do not separate from their partners or companions throughout their lives.

How do Lace and Ribbons become the symbols of love?

Women used to put down her lace hankie as a signal if she likes a man and if the man takes it, then their feelings were considered as mutual. Love knot is considered as a well-known valentine symbol. Love knot denotes the love without beginning and end. Ribbons and ornaments are also used as symbols of Valentine’s Day from the knighthood days. It is said that the girls use to give the ribbons and ornaments to their beloved ones before they went to war. While fighting, these men used to keep these ribbons and ornaments with them.

Who is Cupid?

Cupid is the god of love and beauty and son of the Roman goddess Venus. It is strongly believed that when Cupid struck any people with his arrow, then they will fall in love. So the Cupid has been related with Valentine’s Day and became the most popular symbol of Valentine’s Day.

There are lots of valentine day symbols like laces, ribbons, roses, Cupids, decorated hearts etc. So celebrate your Valentine’s Day with all the beautiful symbols and have a good time.

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Chinese Valentine’s Day

The seventh day of the seventh lunar month is the only Chinese festival devoted to the love in the lunar calendar. Unlike Valentine’s Day in Western countries, there is no much emphasis on giving flowers, chocolates and kisses. Instead of that, the Chinese girls pray to Zhi Nu, the weaving maiden by preparing sweets, melons, fruits and perfumes as offerings. They pray her to acquire high skills in needlecraft, as well as for finding their husbands. People sit outside to observe the stars in the evening.

What are the common beliefs of Chinese people regarding Chinese Valentine’s Day?

The Chinese Valentine’s Day is also known as Daughter’s Festival. The Chinese girls always wanted to have good handcrafting skills like the Weaving Maid. This skill is essential for their future family. During the night of Chinese Valentine’s Day, spinsters can pray to the Weaving Maid star to make them smarter. When the star Vega is high in the sky, the girls do a test, which involves placing a needle on the water surface. If the needle does not sink in the water, the girl is already smart enough and she is perfectly eligible for a married life. Girls may request for any wish to the Weaving Maid, but only once in a year.

How is Valentine’s Day celebrated in China?

In some regions of China, people believe that the decoration of flowers on the Horn of Ox during the Chinese Valentine’s Day can prevent them from catastrophe. Women wash their hair to make it more attractive and shiny on the night of Valentine’s Day. Girls throw five-color ropes, made by the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, on top of the roof for magpies. It is believed that Magpies will use the ropes to build the bridge.

When is Chinese Valentine’s Day celebrated?

Chinese Valentine’s Day is celebrated on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month in the Chinese calendar. The legend behind this celebration was the love between the 7th daughter of the Emperor of Heaven and an orphan cowherd. The Emperor of the Heaven forced the 7th daughter to move to the star Vega and the cowherd boy to the star Altair. They are allowed to meet only once in a year, on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month.

What is the story behind Chinese Valentine’s Day?

The story says that there was a good-looking poor orphan boy living with his older brother and sister. After the death of his parents, his brother occupied the house and land. The boy owned an old ox. He had to work on the farm with the ox every day. Thus, he was called a cowherd.

The ox was actually from Heaven. He had done mistakes in the Heaven and was punished as an ox to Earth. One day, ox suddenly told the boy that the cowherd boy is a beautiful person and if he wants to marry, he should go to the river and his wish will be fulfilled. The cowherd went to the river and saw all 7 beautiful girls of the Emperor of Heaven descended from the heaven and took a bath in his country. Attracted by the youngest and the most beautiful girls, he took away the clothes of the fairy secretly. The other six fairies disappeared after the bath. The youngest could not fly without her fairy clothing. Then the cowherd boy came and told her that he would not return her clothes unless if she promise to marry him. After a little hesitation and shyness, she accepted the proposal of the handsome boy. So, they married and had two children.

The Emperor felt that the sky is not as beautiful as before without his 7th daughter as she weaves beautiful clouds and rainbows. He wanted his mother in law to find the missing girl and bring her back. When the grandmother took the 7th princess to heaven, the cowboy chased after his wife in the sky by wearing the ox hide and taking his children in two bamboo baskets with the old fairy clothes of his wife. The grandmother made a Milky Way in the sky with her hairpin to separate them. The 7th princess was moved to the star Vega in the constellation Lyra. And the cowherd with his two children stayed at the star Altair in the constellation Aquila. The star of Vega is also known as the Weaving Maid Star. The star Altair is known as Cowherd Star in China.

Magpies were moved by their true love and many of them joined together to form a bridge for the couple to meet on the evening of the 7th day of the 7th lunar month which is the day the Emperor allowed them to meet a every year.

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History of Valentine’s Day

Who is Valentine?

The world celebrates Feb. 14 as Valentine’s Day. It is also celebrated as lover’s day by exchanging candies, flowers and gifts between couples in love. It was originated in the 5th century in Rome as a tribute to St. Valentine, a Catholic bishop. The history of Valentine’s Day remains fuzzy and there are different stories about who actually Valentine was.

A group of historians suggest that Valentine was a priest in Rome serving under the reign of Emperor Claudius II during the third century, approximately 270 AD. During this period, the Emperor Claudius II prohibited marriage for young men, saying that the unmarried soldiers are more capable. But Valentine secretly continued to perform marriage ceremonies, but was finally apprehended by the Claude and he ordered to put him to death. So as a regard for him, February 14 is celebrated as Valentine’s Day.

What did the Church curb the celebration of Lupercalia festival?

However, some believe that the Valentine’s Day celebration was an effort made by the Church to prevent the celebration of pagan Lupercalia festival which was held on February 15. The celebration featured a lottery in which every young man will pick out a girl’s name from the jar in random and they would become partners until the festival gets over. Sometimes this pairing lasted for an entire year, and often, they fall in love and marry later.

In order to prevent this erotic festivity, the pastors of the early Christian Church in Rome encouraged the participants to substitute the names of saints. Then, for the next twelve months, the participants were to follow the principles represented by the saint whom they had chosen. Pope Gelasius announced Feb. 14 as Valentine’s Day in the year around 498 AD. The festival of Lupercalia was considered illegal and non-Christian. As a result many of the young Roman men were not too pleased with this new rule.

Thus the early Christians priests tried to modulate the sexual nature of Lupercalia by turning the “festival into a ceremony of love. Instead of the pagan god Lupercus, the Church looked for a saint of love as a substitute. They considered Valentine as an appropriate choice who had been beheaded by Emperor Claudius, in the year 270.

Do you know the story behind the Saint Valentine?

During the reign of Emperor Claudius II, Rome was involved in many bloody and unnecessary battles. At that time Claudius found difficulty in getting soldiers to join his military leagues. He felt that Roman men did not want to leave their loves or families. As a result he banned marriage from his empire. But Valentine secretly continued to perform marriage to young men and women who came to him. When Claudius found out Valentine’s activity, he was imprisoned and sentenced to death for secretly conducting several marriages.

During his days of imprisonment Valentine fell in love with the blind daughter of his jailer. His great love miraculously cured her blindness before his death. Before he was taken to his death, he signed a farewell message to her, “From your Valentine”. The phrase has been used on his day ever since.

Thus the Church has chosen the single Valentine against the pagan goddess Juno. As Valentine was martyred on February 14, the Church could also prevent the celebration of Lupercalia on February 15. Valentine was a pure man in the art of love. To make the Holy saint more attractive for fans, the Church may have overstated his life. The records no longer exist since it happened long ago.

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