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Category: Homemade Gift Basket Ideas

Red Hot Lover

First, pep up a straw basket by gluing a red ribbon at it’s bottom edge and a frilled lace to its top edge. Fill it with white filler material.

Include a tickler feather (comes with instructions for playing the tickler game), Lindt truffles, cherry massage lotion, Love book, candy flowers, two coffees, balloon, cherry flavored edible panties and snicker doodles cookies and some decorations for a hot and sensual gift.

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Rose Hat Box

This gift box is a useful hat box and is filled with a plush black bear, red heart, silk roses, two coffees, love coupon book, strawberry whipped body cream, love book, white chocolate covered biscotti and raspberry tea cookies.

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Hugs N’ Kisses

The base for this basket is a lid-less box with red hearts print. You can also use a plain white box and stamp it or cover it with wrapping paper. The theme of this basket is red and white. The filler material and the teddy is white in color.

Fill the box with white filler material. Fill with chocolate lips candy, cocoa amore cocoa, Riverdale nuts, large chocolate truffle candy bar, coffee and strawberry wafers. Take a piece of red organdy cloth and fold it accordion style (fan fold). Tuck it at the back of the box. Add a white plush teddy with silk rose and a red heart (the ones on a stick) in the front. Add some strands of decorations.

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Cup of Love

Gift Shops carry a number of mugs. You will have no problem finding one in the shape of a cup. If you are not able to find this, search in the ceramic or home decor section where among vases.

Line a cup-shaped ceramic container in red color with red cellophane and fill it with fancy mixed nuts, coffee, small cookie and Monica’s cookies. Add a silk rose to complete.

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Ceramic Purse Valentine

Ceramic Purses, available at every gift and card shop, make a wonderful gift by themselves, but they look even prettier when used as a base for a Valentine’s Day gift basket.

Fill a ceramic container shaped like a purse with a heart-shaped balloon, white chocolate covered biscotti, coffee and strawberry flavored wafers. Add assorted decorations, tinsel, etc. to decorate.

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Valentine’s Day Beauty Gift Basket Homemade Gift Basket Idea for Valentine’s Day


1 small cane basket
fabric for frill and basket liner
bath and body items
cellophane and ribbon (optional)


1. Cut a strip of material, double the circumference of the basket.

2. Pleat it to make a frill to fit the mouth of the basket.

3. Cut fabric, the shape of the basket and enough to line the basket.

4. Sew the lace on the edges of the liner.

5. Place the liner in the basket and put the gifts into it.

6. If desired, wrap the basket with cellophane and tie and decorate with ribbons.

7. Sew or glue on the frill to the basket and decorate with hearts.

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