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Category: Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day Candy

You can introduce your love with a simple and sweet candy gift. Large numbers of Candies are sold as a gift for the Valentine’s Day. A Valentine’s candy can melt anyone by its sweetness, especially when you present it to your beloved ones. Surveys show that the chocolate companies are selling more than 36 million candy boxes on Valentine’s Day.

Do you consider chocolates are the best gifts on Valentines Day?

If you want to propose to your lover, then Valentine Candy can be very useful. So go soon and present him/her a fine Valentine’s Day candy as a gift then the sweet candy will pass on all your feelings on them. Teddy bear & Heart-shaped tins filled with chocolates are preferred by all from kids to grand old people. Chocolate truffles and chocolate candy will provide more excitement and most of the chocolates are presented to dear ones in each Valentine’s Day. So, candies are the best ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts.

Do you know special candies?

There are several types of Valentine candies available and if you know the tastes of your dear one, then it will not be hard to find the best sweets for her. For example, strawberries are symbol of passion and love. You can gift a large strawberry chocolate-coated candy box. to make charming romantic mood. As a Valentine’s Day special gifts, sugary candy had taken a new delicious style into sweet bears, sweet hearts and red heart-shaped lollipops. A variety of sweet candy for your dear from her childhood can be a fun and useful gift. Nowadays, more delicious sugar-free candies are available in many flavors for those with sugar compliant.

What are the shapes of the candy boxes?

When the time of valentine day approaches, you can find all sorts of Valentine’s candy boxes in all the stores. Beyond the real candies, the covering is often little more attractive. Mostly you will find heart shaped candy boxes, but there are other kinds of shapes too. There are also candy boxes available in the shape of alphabets, teddy bears and flowers. Therefore it is not only giving the flavor of candy but also presenting your feelings.

How can you present varieties of Valentine’s Day gift?

You can get the gourmet cuddly teddy bear or bouquet of roses with varieties of chocolates in its place. Exotic chocolate liquor flavored and soaked walnuts chocolates are favorite Valentine’s Day gift for many sweethearts. The box itself can be a gift, with superb tins. Candies are not only a simple gift for Valentine’s Day but also a good decoration. It is general to put candy in long glasses of wine at a Valentine’s Day party. A candy and bouquet of flowers are always a sweet Valentine’s Day bonus.

Whatever you prefer, you just have to keep in mind that there is full a year other that valentine day. Particularly surprise the special one with sweet candy or chocolate candy, what ever the reason may be.

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Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentine’s Day will be incomplete without Valentine’s Day card. Many people find it difficult to the right Valentines Day card because they fear that the card picked by them will not correctly express their feelings or they worry that their partner may find it inappropriate.

How to choose a Valentine’s Day card?

Valentine’s Day cards can be romantic and humorous. It is vary important to select a card that will be appreciated by your partner. Usually, people tend to select the cards filled with words of romance. Choosing the right type of card depends on the depth of your relationship with the recipient. If you have an intense relationship then you should go for the card that expresses love more seriously. If not, you could go for a casual one. It is to be remembered that the time spent and the effort made is more precious than the money spent to buy the card. Also one should make sure that the card reflects true love.

When can you give romantic cards?

People those who really wish to give a romantic card can search for such cards in stores and buy the most relevant one. However sometimes cards bought from stores may not express what you really feel. In such cases you can buy a blank card and express your love in your own words. You can also express your love through a Love Poem if you feel that it is relevant to your relationship.

Do you like to give a humorous Valentine’s Day card?

Humorous cards can express a very loving emotion in a fun way. These types of cards can be chosen by couples who love fun. Before giving a humorous card it is important to make sure whether your partner will like such cards. If you are sure that your partner would like humor, then it is a great way for expressing love.

Your partner may perceive humorous cards negatively, especially, when you receive a romantic card from your partner and you give your partner a humorous card. This can be avoided by including a hand written romantic note along with the humorous card. Now, your partner will appreciate the humor and also he/she would understand your true love.

How to create your own Valentine’s Day card?

You can surprise your beloved one by creating your own Valentine’s Day card. While creating your own Valentine’s Day card you can be more expressive. It will be a good idea to replace expensive cards, which are unaffordable by self-made cards. Check out our Valentine’s Day Card Making Projects to make your own handmade Valentine’s Day card.

What are the advantages of eCards?

E-cards have evolved as a very efficient way of greeting during Valentine’s Day and other special occasions. Sending Valentine e-cards is fast and easy. It is also an inexpensive method to express your love. E-cards can be eye catching as graphics, animation and other techniques can be used to create these cards. Choose from our Free Valentine’s Day Ecards the one that appeals to you the most.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets

Love is one of the most influential  feeling of human beings .Valentine’s Day is the perfect time for people all over the world for expressing  intimate feelings to their loved ones. Valentine’s Day Gifts have gained more popularity in the recent years. We have various types of valentine gifts, which make the occasion a most memorable one. Gift baskets are exchanged during the Valentine’s Day. Baskets full of flowers and chocolates are the most expressive gifts.

In this article we are going to discuss about the different kinds of Valentine’s Day gifts, where to purchase valentine gift baskets, whether it is possible to place the order through online and how to impress the receiver.

What kind of gifts can be given on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day Gifts really express the depth of your love. It is not easy to select a gift for Valentine’s Day. Romantic gifts help to express your true love. There are varieties of romantic Valentine’s Day gifts available on the market. Roses are considered as the traditional gift of love. There are other flowers such as Tulips, Lilies and Irises can be given in the place of roses. An exclusive selection of gold, diamond pendants and crystal are considered as romantic Valentine’s Day gifts.

A cute white teddy bear, white T-shirt printed with some romantic love poem can be considered as a romantic gift for Valentine’s Day. Romantic Escapades, romantic books are some of the popular Valentine gifts.

Where can you find Valentine’s Day gift baskets?

Offline: There are many local gift shops that offer a wide range of gift baskets for variety of occasions. You can also ask your friends or relatives who had already bought the gift baskets. You can always select some special shop for buying the gift basket.

Online: There are many online gift shops offering you a wide selection of Valentine’s gift baskets. This is more convenient because you do not have to leave the comfort of your home just to order the gift basket that you need. The Internet has made so easy for you to find the perfect gift basket in order to express your love during Valentine’s Day. Therefore, we must take advantage of this option and get benefited through internet. This is very useful for people who are far away from the shop.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day has some beautiful selections forValentine’s Day Gift Baskets to choose from online.

How to impress your receiver?

A Valentine’s Day gift basket adds pleasure and enjoyment to everyone’s heart. You can send gifts to your relatives and dearest ones on this special day. Specially wrapped gift basket adds something different to every gift that impresses the receiver. The gift can be new and you can add some ingredients for a gift basket. An exotic collection of wines with a wide variety of dried fruits could attract your gift basket.

A chocolate-filled basket having high quality chocolates and candies adds attraction to the gift basket. Collection of chocolates which includes different varieties such as milk and dark chocolates, creams, caramels and those filled with nuts would be a great joy for lovers on Valentine’s Day.

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Red Hot Lover

First, pep up a straw basket by gluing a red ribbon at it’s bottom edge and a frilled lace to its top edge. Fill it with white filler material.

Include a tickler feather (comes with instructions for playing the tickler game), Lindt truffles, cherry massage lotion, Love book, candy flowers, two coffees, balloon, cherry flavored edible panties and snicker doodles cookies and some decorations for a hot and sensual gift.

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Rose Hat Box

This gift box is a useful hat box and is filled with a plush black bear, red heart, silk roses, two coffees, love coupon book, strawberry whipped body cream, love book, white chocolate covered biscotti and raspberry tea cookies.

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Hugs N’ Kisses

The base for this basket is a lid-less box with red hearts print. You can also use a plain white box and stamp it or cover it with wrapping paper. The theme of this basket is red and white. The filler material and the teddy is white in color.

Fill the box with white filler material. Fill with chocolate lips candy, cocoa amore cocoa, Riverdale nuts, large chocolate truffle candy bar, coffee and strawberry wafers. Take a piece of red organdy cloth and fold it accordion style (fan fold). Tuck it at the back of the box. Add a white plush teddy with silk rose and a red heart (the ones on a stick) in the front. Add some strands of decorations.

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Cup of Love

Gift Shops carry a number of mugs. You will have no problem finding one in the shape of a cup. If you are not able to find this, search in the ceramic or home decor section where among vases.

Line a cup-shaped ceramic container in red color with red cellophane and fill it with fancy mixed nuts, coffee, small cookie and Monica’s cookies. Add a silk rose to complete.

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Ceramic Purse Valentine

Ceramic Purses, available at every gift and card shop, make a wonderful gift by themselves, but they look even prettier when used as a base for a Valentine’s Day gift basket.

Fill a ceramic container shaped like a purse with a heart-shaped balloon, white chocolate covered biscotti, coffee and strawberry flavored wafers. Add assorted decorations, tinsel, etc. to decorate.

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Valentine’s Day Beauty Gift Basket Homemade Gift Basket Idea for Valentine’s Day


1 small cane basket
fabric for frill and basket liner
bath and body items
cellophane and ribbon (optional)


1. Cut a strip of material, double the circumference of the basket.

2. Pleat it to make a frill to fit the mouth of the basket.

3. Cut fabric, the shape of the basket and enough to line the basket.

4. Sew the lace on the edges of the liner.

5. Place the liner in the basket and put the gifts into it.

6. If desired, wrap the basket with cellophane and tie and decorate with ribbons.

7. Sew or glue on the frill to the basket and decorate with hearts.

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Chocolate Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets

The favorite aphrodisiac puckers up to be presented on Valentine’s Day. Browse some of the best Chocolate Gift Baskets available to gift on Valentine’s Day.

1. Thinking Of You – Chocolate and Cheese Gift Basket

Ghirardelli dark chocolate with caramel, Jacobsen’s butter cookies, Wine Country sesame crackers, cabernet black pepper cheese spread, chocolate candy, Ahmad English tea, chocolate toffee wafers, caramel cookies, buttered peanut crunch, assorted Lindt Lindor hazelnut, peanut butter and dark chocolate truffles and a cheese knife are beautifully displayed in this golden arrangement

2. Grand Ghirardelli Chocolate Gift Basket

A premium assortment of Ghirardelli chocolate candies in different flavors and sizes, together with delicious cocoa!

This fantastic gift basket is a surefire hit! These fine confections are from the Ghirardelli Chocolate Company, San Francisco’s first chocolatier. This premium assortment of Ghirardelli chocolate candies in different flavors and sizes, together with delicious cocoa, is a chocolate lover’s dream come true.

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Gourmet Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with delectable gourmet treats for two! We have here the top selling gourmet gift baskets for Valentine’s Day.

1. Large Love & Romance Gourmet Gift Basket of Naughty & Nice Treats

Spark the imagination with a CD of caressing romantic music, indulge and have fun with an assortment of body paints, chocolate body powder and more naughty treats!

We then enhanced your delightful gift by adding decadent chocolate cake, hand-wrapped chocolate roses, a sparkling beverage for sharing and other delectable treats.

2. Breakfast in Bed

This gift contains a wonderful assortment of gourmet delights to start their day and a handy way to serve them. Lady Walton’s old-fashioned pancake and waffle mix, gourmet apple maple breakfast syrup, Ghirardelli rich and creamy white mocha hot coffee drink mix, strawberry and apricot jams, Tazo black tea, honey, white chocolate amaretto cookies, and caramel cookies are brimming from this lovely folding serving tray.

A bamboo spoon and spatula set, beautiful mugs and a matching napkin complete this eye-opening collection. A great gift for Her OR Him!

3. Movie Night Gift Basket

Spend a lovely evening watching a romantic movie. Choose a classic from Classic Romantic Movies DVDs.

  • Chips A Hoy Cookies, M & M’s, Rice Crispies Treat

  • 10″ Metal Pail, Cracker Jacks, Twizzlers Red Licorice

  • 2 Movie Theatre Microwave Popcorns, 2 Old Time Classic Cokes

4. That’s Amore! Romantic Dinner For Two – Italian Gourmet Food Gift Basket

Treat your lucky gift recipients to a night of Amore! starting with a romantic dinner for two delivered right to their doorsteps!

As they lift the lid to this handsome wicker picnic hamper (great for future picnics for two!) They’ll discover all the Italian inspired gourmet fixings inside:

Vineyard Pasta, Sweet Basil Pesto Sauce, Artichoke Asiago Cheese Straws, Balsamic Vinegar, Vineyard Sugar Cookies, Wine Cheese Spread, and Pickled Asparagus Spears.

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Spa Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets

Soothe your senses and relax on Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart. A Spa Valentine’s Day Gift Basket is the perfect gift for him or her.

1. White Tea and Ginger Spa Escape Bath and Body Gift Basket Set

Send her on a luxurious spa outing – right in her own home!

Our lovely gift basket will take all her cares away with the rare essence of White Tea and the soothing scent of Ginger. She’ll discover a warm and wonderful escape with White Tea and Ginger Bath Gel, Bath Salts, and Body Lotion. A natural exfoliating Loofah, delicately scented Spa Candle, and Raspberry Tea Sachets complete the memorable journey.

2. Romantic Melody Quality Spa Gift Basket with a Personalized Greeting Card

A very personal and charming gift. A deluxe selection of finest body products and quality spa essentials.

Includes: Bath salts imported from France, spa accessories and essentials, all natural calendula soap, premium quality body wash imported from France, full of scent soap bars, and a variety of body massagers. A FREE personalized greeting card is included for you to express all of your wishes. Plus, a FREE surprise gift!

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Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets

Romance is in the air on valentine’s Day. Celebrate your love with a romantic Valentine’s Day gift basket for your valentine this year. We feature some of the best romantic gift baskets for Valentine’s Day here:

1. Love Lights Romantic Candle Light & Music Gift Basket

Sweep her off her feet and appeal to her romantic side with this great gift basket made to set the mood.

Featuring heart candles, romantic music CD and more in a keepsake love letter gift box to keep treasures in for years to come.

Each gift is carefully hand packed with attention to every detail, tied with lovely ribbon and includes a personalized gift message from you to convey your heartfelt wishes.

2. Romantic Massage Romance Gift Basket

This Romantic massage Kit includes Massage Oil, Romantic Massage Game, Warming Edible massage oil, 2 votive candles and a Wooden Roller Ball Massager in a pretty Red Basket.

Aphrodisiacs to eat and enjoy are Lindt Chocolate Truffles, Chocolate Body paint, Chocolate Fondue, White Chocolate and Creamy Peanut Butter filled patties.

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