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Category: Valentine’s Day Fashion

Casual Valentine’s Day Hairstyles for Women

Pinned Back Waves Casual Hairstyles for Women

Jennifer Garner’s Pinned Back Waves are the perfect solution when you want to let your hair down and still keep them away from your face. Part hair from center, twist small sections and pin them back. Use loose rollers to make a wavy hairstyle.

Half Up Half Down Casual Hairstyles for Women

Olivia Thirlby’s half up-half down hairstyle will look great for a casual day time date on Valentine’s Day. Long wavy bangs frame the face giving it a pretty look.

Low Ponytail Casual Hairstyles for Women

Ali Larter’s Low Ponytail strikes the perfect note for a casual daytime date on Valentine’s Day.

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What to Wear to a Formal Valentine’s Day Date

Valentine’s Day is one special day when most couples, dating or married, love to dress up and go out for formal dates and romantic evenings together. Go all out and woo your Valentine on this romantic evening. Just keep in mind that formal here implies ‘cocktail’, not ‘white tie’.

For Women


Almost any color that looks good on you is okay for Valentine’s Day. If you would like to specially ‘dress up’ for Valentine’s Day, you could go in for a touch of red in your dress. Or else, leave it to the accessories. A short dress, a skirt and a pretty top and jeans paired with a camisole or a top and a shrug is trendy enough to woo your Valentine.


Large or small, sling or shoulder, there are no rules to follow! Pick up a trendy handbag that goes with your dress. Add a handbag charm for some sparkle.


Since it’s day time, stay away from heels. Ballerina shoes will give you a cute look. Any other flats or low heels can also be chosen.


Belts are in. Broad or thin, choose one to go with your style. A scarf will add more style and keep you warm. Add minimalist jewelry with one attention-grabbing piece. It could be large earrings or a charm bracelet. Wear light perfume.

For Men


Stick to jeans or casual pants. A layered look will never fail you on a casual date. It will make you look special without being too much dressy. A jacket can be added for style and protection. Polo shirts look very cool. Keep in mind that you need to dress casual but not too casual.


Regular daytime shoes are fine as long as they are clean and good looking. Do not show up for your date with worn out or dirty shoes.


A nice belt and a good watch is essential. Ensure that you have a trendy wallet when you take it out to pay the cafe bill.

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Formal Valentine’s Day Hairstyles for Women

A special romantic Valentine’s Day evening asks for a special hairdo. And if you can find an easy way to do your hair yourself in a pretty fashion, we are sure you would love to give it a try. Celebrities have inspired these favorite picks for formal hairstyles to match your dressy look for Valentine’s Day evening.

Updo Hairstyle with Bangs Formal Hairstyles for Women

Maggie Gyllenhaal’s Updo Hairstyle with Bangs is a great choice for women of any age. Set off the length of the face with drop earrings to match your outfit.

Short and Cute Formal Hairstyles for Women

If you want to avoid updos, a classic look is to make awesome waves from medium length hair like Jennifer Lopez.



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