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Category: Valentine’s Day Decorating

Red and White Roses Valentine Wreath

What you will need:

1. 6 or 7 stems of white silk flowers – include roses
2. 6 or 7 stems of red silk flowers – include roses
3. 2 rolls of floral tape
4. Grapevine or straw wreath
5. Scissors


1. Cut a red flower from the stem; make sure that it has at least two inches of stem.

2. Use the floral tape to attach the flower to the wreath.

3. Continue these two steps with the red flowers until you have a good line of flowers that completely cover the wreath underneath. Make sure that all of the stems face the same direction.

4. Make a line of the white flowers. Make sure that the white flowers cover up the stems of the red flowers.

5. Continue doing this, alternating colors until you have covered the entire wreath.

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White and Red Valentine Wreath

When un-decorating your Christmas tree, pack away everything except the white fluffy garlands. Wrap it over a wreath form and use roses to transform it into a Valentine’s Day wreath.

What you will need:

1. Styrofoam Wreath Form
2. White fluffy garland or non-sparkly ‘tinsel’ garland
3. Large silk (satin ribbon) red roses
4. Red satin ribbon
5. Glue gun or double sided tape and glue dots
6. White wide organza/wire-edged ribbon


1. Wrap the white garland around the wreath leaving out the part retained for the roses and tape shut using tape or glue.

2. Wrap the wide white ribbon on the remaining part.

3. Glue red roses on the wrapped ribbon using glue dots or a hot glue gun if you don’t mind the wreath being permanent.

4. Make a loop using the red satin ribbon and tape it to the Styrofoam behind (not the garland or it won’t stay).

Hang it on doors, walls, fences and wherever else you might fancy!

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Valentine’s Day Decorating with Roses

Roses have been the eternal favorite of lovers across the world since ages. What better way to decorate for Valentine’s Day that use Roses everywhere! We have listed some beautiful ideas for using roses and rose motifs in your decor for the romantic day.

Using Real Roses

1. Start the day with heartfelt message. Leave a handwritten note amidst a heart made of rose petals.

2. Have fun at the breakfast table by adding a surprise ‘Rose Dish’ to other dishes. Place floral foam in a dish and fill with roses. Add to the other dishes at the table.

3. Place rose themed flower arrangements all over the house – on the tables, mantles, walls etc.

4. Place a Rose Wreath on your door.

5. Add silk roses to readymade garlands and valances and adorn your curtains and staircases with them.

4. Float roses in a bowl of water.

5. Float rose petals in your bath tub and arrange for a lovely romantic bath for two.

6. Place roses or rosebuds between fruits in a fruit bowl or among knick-knacks placed in shadowboxes or in the chandelier.

7. Place a love note or poem in an open diary decorated with roses and pearls.

8. Place rose potpourri in bowls.

9. Tuck roses in curtain tiebacks.

10. When it is time for dinner, gift a bottle of champagne in a box filled with roses.

11. Gift a hand tied bouquet or red roses mixed with greens and some more smaller red flowers.

12. Place roses or rosebuds in a vase for a centerpiece.

13. Place a long stemmed rose at each place setting or tie it with a ribbon to a rolled dinner napkin making a napkin ring.

14. Scatter rose petals on your bed over a white bed sheet for more romance.

15. Place a bowl of water and float aromatic roses in it by the bedside.

Rose Motifs and Perfume

1. Use linen, table covers, napkins, place mats etc. which have roses in them.

2. Gift a card that has rose motifs or photos in it,

3. Use rose perfumed sanitizers, home fragrances, soaps etc.

4. Add a few drops of rose essential oil in the water used for fresh flower arrangements or for floating roses.

5. Use rose shaped candles to float in a bowl of water.

6. Fold dinner table napkins as roses for your special romantic dinner.

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Roses in a Gift Bag

That’s right! These lovely roses are indeed arranged in a pretty paper gift bag!

What you will need:

1. Florist’s Foam in Plastic Container
2. Gift bag
3. Long stemmed roses


1. Soak floral foam in water and place in plastic container.

2. Insert roses into the foam. If you would like to use shorter stemmed roses from your garden, go ahead. The gift bag can be trimmed to their length.

3. Depending upon the length of the roses, trim the gift bag, if required. To do so, cut the bag from the top, then punch two holes in what is now the top and insert the bag handles through them.

4. Place the plastic container carefully inside the bag.

5. Display your lovely arrangement on a table or take it along to make a lovely Valentine’s Day present for someone special.

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Roses in a Plant Pot

You do not need expensive flower vases to hold your flowers. Easy paint techniques will turn a plain flower pot into an antique looking planter in which you can arrange pretty roses on Valentine’s Day.

What you will need:

1. Florist’s Foam in Plastic Container
2. Terracotta Plant Pot
3. White all-surface paint
4. Sponge
5. Long stemmed roses
6. White Ribbon (optional)


1. Dip sponge in water and squeeze. Now, dip the wet sponge in white paint and gently dab all over the entire surface of the terracotta pot.

2. Let the pot dry completely.

3. Soak floral foam in water and place in plastic container. Place the plastic container inside the prepared terracotta pot.

4. Insert roses into the foam.

5. Tie a ribbon around the pot for a special touch.

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Roses in Colored Bottles

Display roses in a green colored bottle and place on a windowsill or a side table for a lovely Valentine’s Day decoration.

What you will need:

1. Green Colored Bottle
2. Long stemmed roses, leaves intact
3. Plastic or Wire Christmas Ornament in the shape of a heart
4. Ribbon to tie the heart with


1. Fill the bottle half with water.

2. Trim roses to proper length and then place them inside the bottle.

3. Insert the ribbon in the ornament and tie it to the neck of the bottle as shown.

Although green colored bottles give a classic look, there is no reason you couldn’t try a bolder look. Red roses would look spectacular in a blue or purple bottle. Or perhaps light pink roses in a fuchsia bottle?

Don’t have a colored bottle? Get these vintage look bottles for this and future flower arranging projects:

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Roses in Teacups

Display roses in beautiful old-fashioned teacups and lend your Valentine’s Day decorations a vintage cottage-style charm.

What you will need:

1. Tea cup and saucers
2. 2 Large Tea Roses
3. Baby’s Breath
4. Florist’s Foam


1. Stuff the teacup with wet floral foam. Florist foam is very easy to shape. Fill gaps by pressing wet foam into the shape of the gap.

2. Insert roses and baby’s breath into the floral foam.

3. Place the teacup on its saucer and you are done.

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Valentine’s Day Roses Centerpiece

What you will need:

1. Various red and white flowers
2. Different types of clear glass vases and cups
3. Red marbles
4. Clear marbles
5. Silver beads
6. Valentine’s Day candies
7. Other small items of your choice in red, white or clear, such as ribbon, raffia, heart shaped confetti etc.


1. Trim any flower stems that need to be shorter to fit in their glass or vase.

2. Place flowers in their individual glass or vase.

3. Fill each vase and glass with enough of an item to hide the stem of the flower.

4. Arrange in the table.

* Variations: Glue hearts onto pipe cleaners and use in the place of flowers, or use colorful lollipops.

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Valentine’s Day Pink Roses & Twigs Centerpiece

Valentine’s Day is winter time which means you can get a lot of bare twigs to make this centerpiece.

This arrangement is made in a brown ceramic bowl, with a thin piece of floral foam (only about 2″ deep) down in the bottom of the container. The floral foam has been anchored to the container with a plastic pin holder, fixed with green floral fix, as it is not possible to anchor it to the container with tape. The foam is covered with a thin layer of green sisal, but reindeer moss or something similar would do.

Add a few pink spray carnations, evenly spaced, and quite low onto the foam. Use some gnarled twigs of Sycamore (Acer pseudoplatanus). These were well weathered, and had moss and lichen growing on them, which added to the effect! The twigs are arranged loosely in a dome shape. Finally, add some pink roses, arranged so that they nestle just inside the twigs, not too low, and not too high.

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Valentine’s Day ‘LOVE’ Garland

What you will need:

1. Pink Rose garland
2. White sheer wire edged ribbon
3. Safety Pins
4. Two sheets of red cardstock
5. Bead wire
6. Scissors
7. Pencil


1. Begin by forming three loops in the end of the white ribbon.

2. Use a safety pin to keep the three loops together and attach it to the rose garland.

3. Wrap some of the ribbon around the garland and then make three more loops and attach it with a safety pin to the garland. Continue doing this until you have attached ribbon to the entire length of the rose garland.

4. Write the letters to spell the word “love” on the red paper, or use a computer and print large outline letters on the paper. Each letter should take up about half a piece of paper.

5. Cut out five hearts from the red paper.

6. Wrap some of the bead wire around a heart, then use a pencil to create a spiral on the end.

7. Pull the wire through a bit of the white ribbon at the beginning of the garland and twist the wire so that the heart stays on.

8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for each letter of the word “love” and each heart.

9. Hang your garland, place it on a mantel, use it as a window decoration, or a table runner.

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Valentine’s Day Decorating on ‘Hearts’ theme

Express all your Heartfelt feelings this Valentine’s Day by planning a decorating theme revolving around ‘HEARTS’. This special day dedicated to love and lovers certainly calls for something as romantic as this. brings you a bunch of ideas for a heart-themed Valentine’s Day decoration.

1. Start with door knobs (and other knobs – drawers, closets, cabinets etc.). Adorn door knobs with felt or polymer clay souvenir hearts (you can make them or buy them for cheap). The hearts usually have ribbon or string loops for hanging them.

2. Make garlands using paper or felt hearts by stringing them together. Hang these garlands as swags on doors or windows.

3. Decorate a Valentine’s Day wreath and decorate it by gluing small red felt hearts.

4. Decorate a Valentine’s Day Tree and decorate it by hanging red or pink felt hearts with ribbon loops. Alternatively, hang heart-shaped cinnamon cookie cutouts. Place heart-shaped paper-mache boxes at the base.

5. Arrange rose petals to form a thick heart shape on the table or your bed.

6. Fill little heart-shaped bowls with rose potpourri and place all over the house.

7. Place heart-shaped potpourri sachets in your clothes, drawers, linen closet etc. You can find here directions to make White Satin & Lace Heart Sachets.

8. See if you can round up some heart-shaped objects like fridge magnets, photo-frames, dishes, heart-shaped candles etc. and use them around the house.

9. Using heart-print sheets will make things too carried away, but little details like hand-towels, candy-dishes etc. with a heart print will gracefully add to the theme.

Apart from decorating, take your theme to your kitchen by baking heart-shaped cakes, muffins, cookies, tarts etc. and choosing gifts such as an exquisite heart-shaped pocket watch in a small heart-shaped box.

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Valentine Heart Luminarias

Cozy and romantic – these luminarias are perfect to dress up your votives for Valentine’s Day without spending on new ones. A romantic light glows from within the tissue paper heart windows.

Decorate your living room, porch or your dining table with these luminarias when enjoying a romantic Valentine’s Day meal.

What you will need:

1. Red Cardstock
2. Large heart punch or stencil
3. Craft Knife (if using a stencil)
4. Regular hole punch
5. Red embroidery floss or yarn
6. White tissue paper
7. Votive candle


1. Depending upon the size of your votive candle, decide upon the size of the sides of the luminaries.

2. Cut cardstock into 2 equal rectangles – each rectangle of the size of two sides of the luminaria.

3. Score along the center or simply fold the card from the center to make two sides of the luminaria.

4. Use a craft knife to cut out a heart from one side of each rectangle (i.e. from a total of two sides of the luminaria). The hearts should be on opposite sides when the luminaria is formed.

5. Cut out squares of tissue paper enough to cover the hearts and glue them on the backside of the prepared cardstock sides to cover the heart shaped windows.

6. Punch holes vertically along the sides of the rectangle cutouts.

7. Lace red embroidery floss or yarn through the holes to tie the 4 sides together. There will be stitches on two corners and scoured folds on two corners.

8. Place the luminaria over a votive candle and place in any corner to brighten it up with a romantic glow.

Caution: never leave a burning candle unattended.

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Valentine’s Day Decorating Ideas

Whether you are dating someone and plan to invite your Valentine to your home this February 14th or you are married and want to celebrate this special day at home with your dear hubby, the first thing you need to do is to create a romantic atmosphere in your home. You will find these ideas helpful in getting you started with your Valentine’s Day decorating:

The Entrance

The first impressions to your door must say ‘Love is in the air’. You can achieve that effect by little touches here and there. Add a door hanger with dangling hearts or a pocket full of fresh garden roses. You can also add a bright and cheery Valentine’s Day wreath to welcome your Valentine.


Co-ordinate your linen, curtains, rugs etc. in shades of reds and pinks. Dangle some soft red or pink hearts from one side of your mirror. Heart-shaped balloons tied to a bed post or a window will bring romance right into your rooms. Place small and large flower arrangements of roses and other flowers in red, pink and white. Just like flowers, candles are a must. Float candles with flowers in glass bowls or arrange a cluster of pillars on the mantel or on side tables.

Kids Rooms

Let kids construct their own paper heart chains, paper heart mobiles etc. and decorate their rooms with them. Pin their handmade Valentines on their bulletin boards. Place small, non-breakable vases on their table and fill them with silk roses. Soft toy shops have a huge range of cute bunnies and teddies with hearts. Buy a larger one from a dollar store and place it on an empty chair in the kids room. The kids will love it!


Bring out your soft toys and arrange them on the mantel. Place red, felt hearts in the hands of teddies and bunnies. Tie smaller hearts with their ribbon loops around the necks of doggies. Get creative and give every toy a ‘Valentine’ look. Alternatively, place a flower arrangement in shades of red, in the center of the mantel and surround it on both sides with clusters of candles of different shapes in shades of reds and pinks.


Your local garage sales will give you lots you can use to add more ‘Valentine’s Day’ spirit to your home. Lookout for little things such as a heart-shaped rug, valentine print coffee mugs, heart-shaped lighted wreath, Valentine soft toys, fabric hearts and silk rose decorations etc. Add them to various corners of your home and you will find that indeed – Love is in the air!

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