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Alternatives to Roses for Valentine’s Day

February 14 is Valentines’ Day. Consumers buy around 180 million roses, 36 million boxes of heart-shaped chocolate and 188 million greeting cards. And this is only in the United States. Valentine’s Day is celebrated in United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Australia, France, Denmark and Italy. It’s a pity that the rose; heart-shaped box of chocolates and fancy greeting cards are the potential things for distributing on Valentine’s Day.

Are there any other ways to say “I love you”?

Roses are traditional, but other flowers are becoming increasingly popular as Valentine’s Day gifts. You can give alternative Valentine’s Day flowers instead of roses. Red Flowers of all kinds are favorable. Other red flowers include amaryllistulipsdaisy etc. Fragrant flowers such as jasminegardenia or stephanotis and exotic orchids can be glamorous Valentine’s Day gift. Flowers are perceived as a personal and intimate gift.

Remember, flowers are not just for women! Women are also showing their affection by sending bouquets to their men. Strong, sculpted, exotic flowers are ideal for manly gifts.
Rather than expensive perfume, you can select to gift seasonal scented flowers in glorious colors. Favorite flowers or indoor plants would be a first step for Valentine. According to research, perfume of the flowers is more important than the color. Freesiahyacinthslilies, and daffodils have wonderful fragrances and become to get available at the time of Valentine’s Day at many places.

Forget Me Not kind of flowers offer a clear and strong message of love. It is a good idea for couples who may be separated from Valentine. If you think roses are too expensive, you can express your feelings through the meaning of other flowers. Those alternative Valentine’s Day flowers are carnationsmixed tulipsirisliliestulipsdaffodils and daisies and silk flowers.

You can give purple lilac flower once in your lifetime because it symbolizes the first radiance of love. Orchids are beautiful flowers for romantic love and beauty. It is a good gift for a long-standing relationship.

Acacia flowers remind the beauty and it is a great gift among elderly couples Valentine’s Day. Carnations are passionate red flowers, but do not take pink, since this is the flower for Mother’s Day.

You can also ignore the language of flowers while choosing attractive shapes, colors and scents that you know your partner like. Anthurium or flamingo is a striking brilliant tropical flower, which varies from red roses. Tulips are available in a range of colors and shapes and hyacinths are renowned for their perfume. Deep pink and purple hyacinth are exciting in their colors. The amaryllisis eye-catching and they are also good value for money as you can have many stems. Calla liliesare elegant and they are exceptionally blank. They are an expression of sophisticated love.

How to purchase earth friendly alternatives for Valentine’s Day?

Every year, more than 180 million roses are sold for Valentine’s Day in US alone.
More than 120 million dollars worth of roses for Valentine’s Day is imported from Central America and South America where it is legal to grow using pesticides currently. Spraying pesticides is also found. Those pesticides and chemicals are regulated in the United States. These chemicals can be toxic part of the food chain when they are thrown in the soil and water. These toxic bouquets may eventually affect or your loved ones during inhalation on Valentine’s Day.

Can you break the traditional practice?

You can break the tradition and send your beloved a package of seeds of flowers or a gift certificate from a local nursery for a sweet fragrance flower. You can also gift organic flowers those are grown using designed techniques to minimize the use of chemicals and retain the final product as close as possible to Mother Nature. The best organic flowers are purchased locally.