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A Pink Themed Valentine’s Day Party Idea for Girls

It is no surprise that little girls love PINK and HEARTS. Throw a pink party for your little girl and her friends this Valentine’s Day!

The Dress Code – Pink, of course!

Ask all the girls to dress up in pink. Although it is difficult to find a little girl without a pink dress in her wardrobe, make it compulsory to wear at least a pink accessory to the party if any of them does not have a dress entirely in pink.

Pink Decorations

Pink tablecloths, plates, heart shaped balloons, large pink paper flowers and any pink stuff your little princess might already have in her toy drawers can all be used for decoration. A pink bedsheet can be hung up in a swag or used to make a tent for the girls to play in.

Pink Party Activities & Games

The girls can have a ‘makeover’ party complete with pink nailpolish and pink hairspray. A ‘pink’ fashion show is also a great idea.

Cupcake decorating with all pink decorations is a fun activity for kids of all ages. And so is making pink Valentines to exchange with each other. Just supply them with pink craft supplies and let them come up with their own creative valentine cards. A ‘Pink Heart Gift Exchange’ will also be fun where all guests bring a gift in a heart shaped pink box.

For games, you could have a ‘Pass the Pink Parcel’ on the lines of ‘Pass the Parcel’. Another idea is to have a memory game where all the things shown will be of pink color.

You could have ‘pink’ and ‘heart’ versions of many popular games like ‘guess how many’, ‘dumb charades’, ‘treasure hunt’, ‘scavenger hunt’ etc.

Pink Food Ideas

Make the food as appealing as the pretty little guests themselves! Here are some ideas for a pink party menu:

Pink Popcorn

Add pink food coloring to melted sugar and coat popped corn with it.

Jelly Candies Served in Pink Silicone Cups

Pink Iced Donuts

Add pink food coloring to icing and coat donuts with it.

Pink Macaroons

Pink Cake Pops

Crumble cake and make balls out of them using icing to bind together. Insert sticks and dip in pink tinted candy coating (e.g. Wilton’s Candy Melts)

More Pink Food Ideas:

  • Pink Strawberry Ice Cream

  • Pink Strawberry Yoghurt Cups

  • Pink Cake

  • Pink Cupcakes

  • Pink Cookies

  • Pink Marshmallows

  • Pink Lollipops

  • Pink Lemonade

Pink Valentine Party Favors

Gift homemade cookies, chocolates, candy or trinkets like jewelry, key chains, hair accessories in heart shaped boxes or heart print gift bags as romantic Valentine’s Day favors for your young guests.