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A Guide to Serving Wine

What is suitable temperature to serve wine?

The temperature at which wine is served has an immense impact on its taste and smell. Serving wine at a warmer temperature allows the wine to express its characteristics, best in the case of an older or more expensive wine.

A wine bottle in the refrigerator will cool at a rate of 2 ° C for every ten minutes, and also warm at the same rate when it is removed from the refrigerator and left at room temperature. If you want to chill a wine bottle quickly, keeping it in the freezer for 35 minutes. Another method to cool a wine bottle is to keep it in cold water.

How to open a wine bottle?

With the help of a knife try to remove the metal foil and make sure that no bits of metal foil remain on the pouring surface which can cause unwanted dribble. Most modern Corkscrews are effective but always a weak or old cork can break or disintegrate. If it seems to be difficult to open then try to push it in to the bottle and pour the wine in to a jar. If there are bits of cork in the wine, filter it by using a coffee filter. Try to be careful while opening a Champagne and Sparkling Wine as the cork can eject with a force and can cause injury. Always open these bottles with a distance from you.

Do you know how to aerate the wine?

Aeration can make young wines smoother and balanced. Most wine lovers use a decanter, a glass pitcher with a large opening. The larger surface area allows faster aeration. Swirling the wine in the glass also helps to aerate. The key for aeration is timing. A younger, tannic, intense red wine should be kept open for at least 2 hours. One hour is enough for a matured, rich, complex red wine to aerate. In the case of aged wines, do not aerate for more than a few minutes as they are very volatile.

How to pour the wine in to the glass?

Never fill the glass. You can pour the wine as the people requires. It allows the recipient to swirl the wine and enjoy the aroma. It is a common rule that white should be served before red, young before old and keep the good wine until last.

Normal wines should be decanted towards the center of the glass whereas sparkling wines should be decanted against the side of the wine glass to keep the bubbles under control. Serve the wine first to the women and elderly people then the men and finally end with your own glass.

What type of wine glasses should be used?

The type of wine glasses in which the wines are served is also important. The shape of a wine glass has a greater impact on the taste of wine, because of this reason, different varieties of wines are served in various glasses. Plain and thin glasses are the best wine glasses. It is difficult to see the wine properly in a heavy-cut glass. A tulip shaped wine glasses will be suitable. A long stemmed wine glass allows easy swirling and helps to enjoy the flavors. Holding the glass by the stem helps to minimize the variations in temperature.