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3 Romantic First Date Ideas

First impressions are everything when it comes to meeting someone new, and regardless of how hard it might be at first to make a good first impression, you can still find a lot of crazy and funny ways in which to get a good one which will ultimately bring a second, a third and maybe a 4th date.

That being said, when it comes to the first date, everything has to be perfect, or funny enough that it just does not matter, and seeing as most men struggle with this aspect, let us look at 3 romantic first date ideas that will rock her socks off.

1. The Online Florist Gag

Here is something I like doing, not only because it is fun, but also because it stirs a lot of positive emotions within my female partner. What I do is get a hold of an online florist and come up with a very romantic flower arrangement. It has to have a lot of red roses, a few white ones, and a very special rose, usually an ice blue one or a green one hidden within the flower arrangement itself, with a card that says “there is always something different and exciting in every single thing that we hold dear to our hearts”.

2. The Research Genius

This requires doing a lot or research and a lot of recon on your potential partner. You must keep in mind that you are not a stalker, you are not a creep and by no means of the imagination a weirdo. You are simply gathering as much information as you possibly can in order to give her the best and the most romantic first date of her life. This will not only impress her but it will definitely mark you as the alpha male for her.

3. The Clumsy Model

This is by far the hardest one that you can pull off. You basically have to look as good as a super model but act a little on the clumsy side, making her feel relaxed around you and showing her that no matter how good you look, you are still a great guy that she will most likely love to spend time with.

This is especially hard because if you are too clumsy you will come off as being insecure and too flawed for her tastes, and if you are not clumsy enough you will come off as someone that is trying too much and you will obtain an adverse effect pretty fast.

So if you want to really flex the romantic muscle, you should boost your creativity level and find something unique and put it in the way that would benefit her, making her feel like she is the most important person in the world on that date.

This is what most of the first dates around are about and keep in mind that the result and the reward for this is well worth the effort that you put in it.