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Month: April 2018

50 Ways to ask ‘Marry Me?’ on Valentine’s Day

It’s no good planning a wedding if you haven’t even popped the big question yet. Here are 50 of the best ways to let that special person know that you want to marry her/him. Then you will really have a story to tell to family and friends.

1. Do it the old fashioned way. Get down on one knee with a rose clenched in your teeth and the ring in your hand just before you are about to eat dessert in a busy restaurant.

2. Have a waiter bring you a small cake with the ring inside of it. (Be careful that she doesn’t swallow it).

3. Take her/him to the theatre and ask the stage manager if he will ask her/him to marry you after the final curtain. This is the perfect ending to a perfect evening.

4. Turn up at her/his office in the middle of the afternoon armed with a red rose, a bottle of champagne and a glass with the ring in it.

5. Write ‘will you marry me’ — her/his name in chalk on the street out side your apartment in big enough letters so that she/he will notice it.

6. Phone up your local radio station and get them to pop the question for you over the air waves at a time that you know she/he will be listening. Then dedicate a song to her/him.

7. Gather all your friends and family around for drinks and pop the question then.

8. Gather friends and family outside your his/her home waving banners with the words will you marry me on them. (Make sure that they get the right house).

9. Send a singing telegram to her/his workplace singing your love and urge to marry her/him. Then walk in just after he popped the question.

10. Create a web page all about your life together. Photos, places that mean a lot to you etc.. Announce your love by proposing, send him the web address and wait for his/her reply and when accepted you can then send the address to friends and family.

11. Wrap a large box and fill with smaller boxes all wrapped the last box that she will come to will be the smallest with the ring inside. Or alternatively wrap a large box and fill with those tiny foam pieces and let her look for the small box inside.

12. Cut the bottom out of a very large box then wrap it. Take it to her place of work and ask one of her colleague’s to go get her telling her that there is a large parcel for her. Meanwhile you climb in from the bottom and when she unwraps it jump out with the ring in hand and ask her to make an honest man of you.

13. Take her/him away for the weekend and when you are on your last day pop the question.

14. Get up extra early and prepare her/him breakfast in bed. Cook his/her favorite meal with a red rose and a bottle of champagne a kiss to wake him/her and then declare your love.

15. Scatter rose petals all over her bed and wrap the ring and tell her that you have gotten her a gift to show how much you love her and when she opens it tell her that you want to spend the rest of your life with her.

16. Cook your loved one a romantic meal and place a note around a candle asking her/him to marry you then get her/him to read it. Click here for tips on planning the perfect romantic dinner.

17. Give your girlfriend a foot massage and place the ring on her little toe.

18. Phone your loved one at work and get them to meet you at the place where you first met each other. Take a long a bottle of champagne and two glasses then do the deed.

19. Bake him a cake and write on top of it Will you marry me?

20. Take out a full page ad in a paper that you know your loved one reads regularly and be close by when he/she reads it.

21. Buy your loved one a watch and have it inscribed “marry me.”

22. Pour her a glass of wine with the ring in the bottom of it and when she says yes get out the champagne.

23. Go for a picnic together then pop the question.

24. Propose at Christmas by hanging the ring from the top of the tree instead of a star or a fairy.

25. If you’re dining in a fancy restaurant, ask the waiter/waitress to write, “Will you marry me?” in chocolate sauce around the rim of his/her dessert plate.

26. Run her a bath with scented candles, rose petals and rubber duck with the ring tied around it’s neck.

27. Serve her oysters in bed with the ring inside the shell.

28. Write a note asking your other to marry you, place it inside a bottle. Take her/him to the beach when he/she is in the water slip the bottle in and ask them to open it to see what it says.

29. Spell your proposal out in glow-in-the-dark star stickers on your ceiling. Climb on top of him/her and wait for the yes, yes, yes.

30. Leave a trail of notes fro your partner to follow and when he/she reaches the end you will be standing there naked with a bow wrapped around you with the words “Will you marry me?” on.

31. Scratch your proposal into the frost on his or her car’s windshield.

32. Take your partner to the beach and write “Will you marry me?” in big letters in the sand.

33. Take him/her on a sail boat up a river and pop the question.

34. Leave the ring on her pillow a long with a note and go to work. She will probably get there before you do waiting with arms out stretched.

35. Take her/him up in a hot air balloon with a bottle of champagne and announce that’ll you’ll jump if she/he doesn’t marry you.

36. Take her/him to see his/her favorite band and ask one of the stage crew if they will pop the question for you.

37. Plan a treasure hunt. Set the clues in place and when he/she gets to the last clue you will be standing there with champagne and a proposal they can’t refuse.

38. Hire a skywriter to spell your proposal on high.

39. Hire a plane to fly a banner with your “Marry me (insert name here)” message written on it. Take him/her somewhere open and point to the sky.

40. Sneak in to her home and fill it to the rafters with flowers and in the middle sit a teddy bear holding the ring and a note asking her to marry you.

41. Propose in French the language of love.

42. Play Hangman and have the phrase be “Marry Me.”

43. Throw her/him a surprise party inviting friends and family and then propose.

44. Send her/him 4 balloons with the words “Will you marry me?” written on them.

45. Write her/him a story about your relationship. Almost like a diary with dates if possible. Then end it with the date you are going to give it to him/her telling how you proposed and that the story can’t be ended until you have the answer.

46. If it’s snowing write “Will you marry me?” in it.

47. If you are brave enough get a tattoo done with “Will you marry me?” but only if you are sure that he/she is the right one and once he/she has accepted finish it off with the date of your engagement and marriage.

48. Take him to see his favorite football team playing and get the commentator to ask him to marry you.

49. Ask him/her to marry you by writing it on the bathroom mirror.

50. For the last one send your loved one a coffin (he he he) only joking…

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2 Most Romantic and Sensual Valentine’s Day Ideas

Doing things together makes a Valentine’s Day really special. Get inspired for some really romantic and sensual things you can do together with your Valentine to make this Valentine’s Day truly memorable and fun.

1. Romantic Hot Spots at Home

Find a romantic spot within your home to romance away the evening. Dress up the spot with candles and flowers and/or plan what special activity you can do there together. It could be sipping wine, watching a movie, cooking together or anything else you truly enjoy doing with your partner. If you are married and have kids, just lounging together and talking about ‘non serious’ stuff is in itself a great thing to do on Valentine’s Day.

Finding a romance spot right at home also gives you the luxury of ‘not having to drive back‘ after a fun and relaxing hour.

Our top favorite romantic spots within the home are:

Bath Tub or Jacuzzi

The bathroom is the perfect place for a romantic rendezvous. Create a comfortable warm temperature. Light a few candles, put on romantic music and make a bath ready. Use rose petals and soft fragrant bubble bath depending on your mood. Invite your lover in by a trail of rose petals.


Especially in the colder months, and during cool nights, the fireplace is an excellent place for a romantic date. For added ambience, place candles around the open fire, spreads a soft blanket and put out your favorite treats to nibble. Share a glass of wine, cuddling together, talking together or play a game.


An often overlooked romantic hot spot is your own bedroom. Since it is your own bedroom, it gives an immediate sense of confidence and is the perfect place for a relaxed, sensual evening. Use luxurious linens, lit the room with candles and turn romantic music. Alternatively, you could watch a romantic movie or give massages.

Under the Stars

Head out in the garden or on the balcony, if you have one, and get cozy with your partner inside a warm blanket watching stars and sipping wine.

The Loft

Your attic can be a romantic hideaway. Hang some paintings on the walls, prop a mattress on the floor with lots of pillows and a soft blanket and you are ready for a secret rendezvous with your Valentine.


Good food and romance go hand in hand, so it is no surprise that the kitchen is a part of this list for romantic hot spots. Have a romantic cookout together and then enjoy the prepared meal right in the kitchen.

2. Romantic Breakfast in Bed

Start the morning right and all the day can not go wrong. Surprise your beloved with a delicious breakfast in bed. Some ideas for a romantic breakfast in bed are:

  • Cut vegetables into cubes, hearts or fun shapes

  • Cut strawberries in the shape of hearts

  • Make thin pancakes, and pour chocolate syrup or jam to write “I Love You” or make a heart shape.

  • Bake waffles in a heart-shaped waffle maker

  • Server freshly squeezed fruit juice and coffee or tea

  • Buy the muffins and croissants from the baker and warm them up in the morning

  • Serve freshly baked rolls in different sizes and variations

  • Make a toast with the words: I love you or a Heart Shaped Raspberry Jam Toast.

  • Make the breakfast very special by serving champagne

  • Bake cookies in the shape of hearts

  • Muesli and yogurt or cottage cheese or fresh (red) fruits

  • See more Valentine’s Day Breakfast Recipes

  • Hide a love poem inside the breakfast

  • Put a red rose on the tray

  • Put candles on the tray

  • Sprinkle rose petals on the tray

If you have kids, you can either choose to involve them or give them breakfast in their own beds.

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20 Fun Ways to Gift a Diamond

For growing number of young couples in the early years of marriage, the custom of giving a diamond Anniversary, Eternity or Alliance ring—the band of diamonds that says ‘my love runs out at the circle’s end’—is a symbol of love’s reaffirmation. It is a custom that is stronger and more powerful now than it has ever been. Most women still want a diamond. It’s the stone of choice for brides. They’re beautiful, precious, timeless, lasting and traditional. Diamonds…Their power and indomitable force came to be acknowledged as the perfect symbol of love. Diamond is considered a manifestation of the most important power on earth: the power of love.

The diamond symbolises love and appreciation and can be gifted in very imaginative and special ways. Throw away the velvet box.

1. Take your love out for a romantic dinner and pamper her to the hilt. Have an arrangement with the restaurant, so that when dessert is served, the diamond ring is used as part of the topping. Your lady love won’t be able to resist the diamond-encrusted offering!

2. Gift her a beautiful porcelain doll and place a gorgeous diamond bracelet around the doll’s hand. She might initially go ‘ga ga’ over the doll, but once her eyes settle on the bracelet she won’t be able to stop talking about it.

3. Gift your wife a book of poetry with some of the pages folded together. Hide a sparkling treasure inside those pages.

4. Before you leave for work leave a big wrapped box in the middle of the living room so that when your partner comes home, that’s the first thing she sees. When she opens the box she will find a smaller one with a special note or poem from you. The boxes will get progressively smaller and the last box will contain your diamond gift.

5. Take your wife for a long drive and ask her to get a cassette out of the glove compartment, when she opens it, the diamond ring will be lying there. Or you could ask her to take a particular cassette out and have the diamond ring in the cassette cover.

6. Propose to your girlfriend on your birthday. Say you don’t want to open your presents and would rather she did it. Make sure the first present she opens has the ring in it. You can pop the question once she has unwrapped the gift.

7. Tell your partner that you have taken a keen interest in musicand you would like to put up a show for her. Your grand finale? Pulling out a diamond necklace out of your hat!

8. If you wish to make her work for the gift, try organizing a treasure hunt. Strew rose petals from the doorway to the bedroom so that the moment she enters the house, she will be entranced. Leave fun clues for her around the house, so that each time she solves a clue and reaches the destination she receives a small gift like perfumes, chocolates, etc—the beautiful diamond gift will be the spectacular prize at the end of the hunt.

9. Replace the bookmarks in her favourite book with a pair of earrings.

10. If she’s an animal lover bring home a little puppy or kitten. Tie the ring around the animal’s collar with a ribbon.

11. Buy your love a heart-shaped box of candy and replace one of the pieces with a diamond ring. When she opens it, she’ll be in for a nice chocolicious surprise!

12. When she’s not looking, slip a diamond bracelet onto her key chain. She might not notice the addition immediately, but it’s sure to guarantee a second look and a delightful shout!

13. Renew your wedding vows on your anniversary by gifting each other new diamond rings!

14. ‘Dress’ her favorite bottle of perfume with the solitaire ring.

15. Cook your wife a romantic dinner. Using a ribbon, tie a diamond ring to the stem of a champagne glass.

16. Express your love by giving your wife a foot massage. When you are almost done place the diamond on her little toe. This is one massage she won’t forget!

17. Place a diamond ring on the knob of the alarm clock….. What better way to start her day.

18. Give her the handbag she always wanted with a diamond ring inside it.

19. Replace your man’s old cufflinks with diamond-encrusted ones.

20. Surprise her by coming home a little early from work. Ask her to close her eyes, take her hand and slip on a diamond ring.

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Ideas for a Valentines Day Wedding Theme

Love is in the air all around the world. What better day then Valentines day to cement your love forever.

Church or Country hotel. If you use a hotel you can use it for the ceremony and reception. Have night ceremony. Make it romantic with candles and soft music.

Make invitation cards heart shape using red card.

Make heart shaped wreaths for the walls. All you need is some chicken wire and dried flowers. Make your own heart shaped place mats and write a love quote on each one. Put photos of you and your fiancé on love hearts and put them on the walls. Buy heart shape confetti. Place red and white candles on the tables.

Brides attire
Red ball gown is a must for any valentine bride. Hair left loose with silk flower clips.

Grooms attire
Black or white tuxedo with a red carnation in the button hole.

Instead of a bouquet ask your florist to make you a heart wreath and add roses and ribbons use little ones for the bridesmaids.

Have a white cake with red hearts and/or pink flowers. Ask the baker to make two puff swans that join in the middle to form a heart shape. Have oysters prawns, heart shaped sandwiches and cookies.

Make a goodie bag up and put heart shaped biscuits/cookies or sweets and write a little love quote on a heart shaped piece of card.

Guest Book
Make a heart shaped guest book.

And lastly, If you just can’t do it on your own get some help. There are plenty of wedding supplies and service companies ready to lend a hand.

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50 Romantic Ideas

  1. Surprise her with her favorite flower whether it be a dozen roses or some other type.
  2. Send a romantic e-card.
  3. Give a backrub or massage
  4. Give a card “just because”
  5. Take a bubble bath together by candlelight.
  6. Fill his/her apartment, car, work place etc.. with flowers or gifts.
  7. Snuggle together before you go to sleep
  8. Give him/her some loving coupons entitling them to a free meal, hug, etc..
  9. Make it a point to call them during the day just to say “I love you”.
  10. Take a walk together in the moonlight.
  11. Write a love letter, cut it into pieces like a jigsaw puzzle and give a piece a day until it is all complete.
  12. Create a scrapbook of little tokens that you have kept while you have been together, such as: Theatre tickets, photos, wine corks, etc..
  13. Get out of bed early, cook breakfast and deliver it in bed.
  14. Write a love poem.
  15. Leave love notes in places where you know your love will eventually find them such as in his glove compartment, under the pillow.
  16. Name a star after him/her. See the International Star Registry. If you are from the USA call at 1(800) 282-3333
  17. Make it a point to tell your loved one “I love you” each day.
  18. Spend the weekend at a swanky hotel.
  19. Take a carriage ride around your home town.
  20. Build your loved one a web-page.
  21. Give them a gift that they have always wanted.
  22. Buy them a personalised teddy bear with “I love you” on it.
  23. Rent a romantic movie, and snuggle up for the night in front of the box.
  24. Compliment your lover at least once each day.
  25. Watch the sunset at the beach, or some other romantic place.
  26. Stay up all night and watch the sunrise.
  27. Make your lover a card “just because”.
  28. Go to a coffee shop, enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and just enjoy each other’s company.
  29. Share a plate of spaghetti.
  30. Listen without interrupting when they are talking.
  31. Send a bouquet of flowers to their work place to make them feel extra special in front of their colleagues
  32. Spend one week without the TV you will be surprised at how much time you spend together and how much you will enjoy each others company.
  33. Exchange keys to each other’s cars and homes.
  34. Take a day off and spend it in bed.
  35. Cook her a romantic meal for two.
  36. Do something that you both enjoy together, whether it be ice-skating, going to the movies or what ever as long as you spend at least an afternoon doing it.
  37. Do something different each day to add excitement and mystery to your relationship.
  38. Dedicate their favorite song on the radio when you know they will be driving home from work.
  39. Surprise your love by doing the dishes, laundry, etc.
  40. Buy tickets to their favorite event.
  41. Go back to the place where you had your first date.
  42. Fly a kite. Yes I said fly a kite. This isn’t just for kids you will be hooked.
  43. Get a local directory of your area and spend the day visiting interesting places that you have yet to discover.
  44. Write them a love note and pack it in their lunch box.
  45. Give Hershey Kisses with a note attached saying they can be exchanged for real kisses.
  46. Celebrate your Anniversary every month instead of just once a year.
  47. Turn the bedroom into a love nest with candles and fresh flowers.
  48. Turn up unexpectedly at their work place to walk them home.
  49. Scatter rose petals all over the bed with an expensive bottle of perfume in the middle of them.
  50. Make one day a week your day filled with romance and make it different each week.
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50 ways to show your love on Valentine’s Day and always

This list is designed to be a quick check for you to review. Use it to give you ideas to maintain your relationship, to give it a positive boost or just simply for some ideas. Print this list off and give it to your partner and then take turns each on fulfilling what each other wants.

1. Hug him.
2. Write a love note.
3. Call him at work just to say “Hi.”
4. Give him a foot massage.
5. Tell him a joke.
6. Caress him with slow gentle strokes.
7. Go for a walk with him.
8. Admit your mistakes.
9. Say: “I love you.”
10. Indulge a whim.
11. Listen to him talk about an interest of his.
12. Be trustworthy.
13. Instead of complaining, tell him what you would prefer.
14. Look at him when you’re in a discussion.
15. Send him flowers. (They’re not just for us girls.)
16. Compliment something he did.
17. Offer to help.
18. Ask him to show you how to do something.
19. Write him a poem about how special he is to you.
20. Ask him what he’d like sexually.
21. Take an afternoon drive.
22. Go away together for a weekend holiday.
23. Do something he wants to do.
24. Listen to him (even if he is boring you.)
25. Plan a candle light dinner.
26. Look at old photos together.
27. Serve him breakfast in bed.
28. Take a shower together.
29. Share sexual fantasies.
30. Do a work project together.
31. Give him an all over body massage.
32. Plan a picnic lunch.
33. Repeat what he says before answering.
34. Send him a card.
35. Surprise him with a gift.
36. Cook his favorite meal.
37. Put on some romantic music.
38. Put together a compilation tape of both your favorite songs.
39. Ask for his opinion.
40. Ask him how he feels.
41. Let him know when you are proud of him.
42. Invite him to a secret rendezvous.
43. Listen openly to his opposing opinion.
44. Watch his favorite TV program with him.
45. Watch a sunset together.
46. Play a game together.
47. Have him teach you something he knows.
48. Go to a movie of his choice.
49. Meet him for lunch.
50. Let him know you care.
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Be Romantic Today!

With so many couples running hectic life’s today it is not surprising that there is very little romance in relationships. Valentine’s Day is just the perfect occasion to bring back romance into your lives.

Romance isn’t just about going out to a posh restaurant, or a dozen red roses, but a relationship does need romance to survive. Our life’s run in a routinely pattern, we get up, shower, go to work, take care of the kids, spend time with friends, and so on then go to bed.

On average we spend 10 hours a day with our partner, at least 7 of those sleeping. So how can we make time for romance as well as everything else that needs taking care of? Don’t fret, it can be done!

It started with a kiss
As soon as you wake up give your loved one a kiss and tell them how much you love them. Then before he/she leaves for work give him/her another kiss. This will make them feel good all day and will let them know how much you love them.

Give him/her a call
How long does it take to say “I love you”? A second. Even the high flying executive can afford to take a second out of their day and it is a second worth using. Phone him/her and tell them that you love them and have being thinking about them all day. The two of you will feel loved and will look forward to seeing each other.

On your way home stop at the local park and pick a few flowers. Most people would go out and buy a bunch but I personally think that it is more romantic to pick them. It shows how much thought and work went in to getting them. Then when she greets you give her them.

Wait for him/her
If you are home first, be waiting at the door for him/her and greet him/her with a kiss and cuddle.

A surprise cuddle
When he/she is sitting doing what ever it is they do sit beside them and give them a cuddle. You could rent a film and snuggle up together for the night. (Go on forget the housework it will still be there tomorrow.)

A meal for two
If you are the one that rarely does the cooking in your house, surprise her with a candlelit dinner for two.

A bath together
Run a bath ready for when your loved one comes home from work and join him/her.

These are just a few ideas to help you out. Remember a kiss and a cuddle is just as romantic as being wined and dined. But spending an evening out is also needed today and at least once a month.

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Romantic Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine is a day lovers want to celebrate in leisure and in the most rocking way. Generally, they do not want to rush at the last minute. That is why most get involved with the preparations one month prior to the occasion. Celebrations can be done in any way, be it with presenting chocolates, red roses, and other fabulous gifts. However, to make it a memorable day, one needs to do something extra in addition to the usual. You can surprise your sweet heart with some of the ideas given below:

Are You Residing in a Snowy Area?

Lovers residing in areas where there is abundant snowfall can check out this romantic Valentine’s Day idea. All you need to have is a red can of spray paint. You may be taking it as a joke. Seriously speaking, it will turn out to be your best Valentine’s Day. Think about a beautiful love quote, or you may address your love with witty quotes; do whatever you must, but expressing your love is what matters in the end. To surprise you now, you do not have to paint the quote on any piece of paper or cardboard, but on snow. Is it not a chilling idea? You may decorate the walkway with luminaries. Be sure you do all this 20 or 30 minutes before the arrival of your Valentine.

Well, you can easily imagine the charm of glittering red paint on white snow. We hope that you will execute the plan in a very nice way. You can be the one featuring in the evening news with a perfect gift for your valentine. Be ready for her appreciation.

Love Notes

Another Valentine’s Day romantic idea requires you to write a few sentences about your love on different decorative sheets. Do not tend to pen down long sentences. Next, cut out each sentence and outline each strip with a marker or crayons. You may hang these strips from your chandelier; place them all over in your room. You will certainly surprise the one you care for with your creativity and spirit of love.

Especially for Wives

You may become a little crafty too. Get a red constructive sheet, rose petals, and Angel kisses. Trace out your feet on the sheet and place it at the doorway. Place more of these feet starting from the doorway leading to your bedroom. Next, decorate your room with Herschel kisses, balloons and red roses. You may adorn your room with stuffed toys too. They are always fascinating. Dangle a large heart from the ceiling right in the center that reads out a love quote addressing your partner. Your valentine will just love the idea. It is a nice way to renew your love bond.

Love Poems

Wake up your poetic instincts. Everyone loves to listen to their praise, and so will your valentine. Therefore, get some innovative ideas regarding the use of vocabulary from different magazines and the Internet. You need to astonish her after the dinner that you may arrange in her honor. It is not necessary to sought out different restaurants to celebrate the occasion. You may plan the dinner at home too in candlelight. Prepare the menu according to favorite dishes of your spouse. Just wait for a round of applause.

A Gift of Love

You may present such a gift that your partner has been waiting for long, like jewelry, a trip to any romantic city, or a movie. However, whatever you do, your valentine will cherish your company most of all.

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3 Romantic First Date Ideas

First impressions are everything when it comes to meeting someone new, and regardless of how hard it might be at first to make a good first impression, you can still find a lot of crazy and funny ways in which to get a good one which will ultimately bring a second, a third and maybe a 4th date.

That being said, when it comes to the first date, everything has to be perfect, or funny enough that it just does not matter, and seeing as most men struggle with this aspect, let us look at 3 romantic first date ideas that will rock her socks off.

1. The Online Florist Gag

Here is something I like doing, not only because it is fun, but also because it stirs a lot of positive emotions within my female partner. What I do is get a hold of an online florist and come up with a very romantic flower arrangement. It has to have a lot of red roses, a few white ones, and a very special rose, usually an ice blue one or a green one hidden within the flower arrangement itself, with a card that says “there is always something different and exciting in every single thing that we hold dear to our hearts”.

2. The Research Genius

This requires doing a lot or research and a lot of recon on your potential partner. You must keep in mind that you are not a stalker, you are not a creep and by no means of the imagination a weirdo. You are simply gathering as much information as you possibly can in order to give her the best and the most romantic first date of her life. This will not only impress her but it will definitely mark you as the alpha male for her.

3. The Clumsy Model

This is by far the hardest one that you can pull off. You basically have to look as good as a super model but act a little on the clumsy side, making her feel relaxed around you and showing her that no matter how good you look, you are still a great guy that she will most likely love to spend time with.

This is especially hard because if you are too clumsy you will come off as being insecure and too flawed for her tastes, and if you are not clumsy enough you will come off as someone that is trying too much and you will obtain an adverse effect pretty fast.

So if you want to really flex the romantic muscle, you should boost your creativity level and find something unique and put it in the way that would benefit her, making her feel like she is the most important person in the world on that date.

This is what most of the first dates around are about and keep in mind that the result and the reward for this is well worth the effort that you put in it.

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Alternatives to Roses for Valentine’s Day

February 14 is Valentines’ Day. Consumers buy around 180 million roses, 36 million boxes of heart-shaped chocolate and 188 million greeting cards. And this is only in the United States. Valentine’s Day is celebrated in United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Australia, France, Denmark and Italy. It’s a pity that the rose; heart-shaped box of chocolates and fancy greeting cards are the potential things for distributing on Valentine’s Day.

Are there any other ways to say “I love you”?

Roses are traditional, but other flowers are becoming increasingly popular as Valentine’s Day gifts. You can give alternative Valentine’s Day flowers instead of roses. Red Flowers of all kinds are favorable. Other red flowers include amaryllistulipsdaisy etc. Fragrant flowers such as jasminegardenia or stephanotis and exotic orchids can be glamorous Valentine’s Day gift. Flowers are perceived as a personal and intimate gift.

Remember, flowers are not just for women! Women are also showing their affection by sending bouquets to their men. Strong, sculpted, exotic flowers are ideal for manly gifts.
Rather than expensive perfume, you can select to gift seasonal scented flowers in glorious colors. Favorite flowers or indoor plants would be a first step for Valentine. According to research, perfume of the flowers is more important than the color. Freesiahyacinthslilies, and daffodils have wonderful fragrances and become to get available at the time of Valentine’s Day at many places.

Forget Me Not kind of flowers offer a clear and strong message of love. It is a good idea for couples who may be separated from Valentine. If you think roses are too expensive, you can express your feelings through the meaning of other flowers. Those alternative Valentine’s Day flowers are carnationsmixed tulipsirisliliestulipsdaffodils and daisies and silk flowers.

You can give purple lilac flower once in your lifetime because it symbolizes the first radiance of love. Orchids are beautiful flowers for romantic love and beauty. It is a good gift for a long-standing relationship.

Acacia flowers remind the beauty and it is a great gift among elderly couples Valentine’s Day. Carnations are passionate red flowers, but do not take pink, since this is the flower for Mother’s Day.

You can also ignore the language of flowers while choosing attractive shapes, colors and scents that you know your partner like. Anthurium or flamingo is a striking brilliant tropical flower, which varies from red roses. Tulips are available in a range of colors and shapes and hyacinths are renowned for their perfume. Deep pink and purple hyacinth are exciting in their colors. The amaryllisis eye-catching and they are also good value for money as you can have many stems. Calla liliesare elegant and they are exceptionally blank. They are an expression of sophisticated love.

How to purchase earth friendly alternatives for Valentine’s Day?

Every year, more than 180 million roses are sold for Valentine’s Day in US alone.
More than 120 million dollars worth of roses for Valentine’s Day is imported from Central America and South America where it is legal to grow using pesticides currently. Spraying pesticides is also found. Those pesticides and chemicals are regulated in the United States. These chemicals can be toxic part of the food chain when they are thrown in the soil and water. These toxic bouquets may eventually affect or your loved ones during inhalation on Valentine’s Day.

Can you break the traditional practice?

You can break the tradition and send your beloved a package of seeds of flowers or a gift certificate from a local nursery for a sweet fragrance flower. You can also gift organic flowers those are grown using designed techniques to minimize the use of chemicals and retain the final product as close as possible to Mother Nature. The best organic flowers are purchased locally.

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Different Ways with Roses

Valentine’s Day is coming up and there is Love in the air. Nothing says ‘Love’ better than Roses. Here are some romantic ways of making Roses convey your feelings to your Valentine:

1. Go the classic way. A dozen long-stemmed red roses for him or her.

2. Red is not the only option. In fact, surveys show that various shades of pink, from red to light pink, are more favorites with girls. Pink roses will be a beautiful gift.

3. Think out of the box and choose the old-fashioned variety or other different varieties of roses than the usual long-stemmed ones. Those pretty blooms will freshen up the room as well as warm her heart.

4. There are also some newer varieties like ‘Black magic’ which are shaded, velvety and exotic. They will also make a great choice.

5. Roses does not mean ‘only roses’. A fresh-looking bouquet of early spring blooms like daisies can contain roses in them.

6. You can get bouquets ordered at a restaurant where you have invited him or her for tea or lunch.

7. At home, you can have the bouquet waiting at the breakfast table.

8. If you have planned a breakfast in bed, your breakfast tray can carry a single rose bloom or a hand-tied posy of roses from your garden.

9. Tie rose blooms to the center of the ribbon of your wrapped gift box where the bow is tied.

10. Place a ring in the center of an exotic bloom.

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Roses for Valentine’s Day

Rose garden cultivation began about 5000 years ago in China. In ancient Rome, the roses were grown in the Middle East region to serve as medicine and perfumes. Now, Valentine’s Day Roses are available everywhere in the grocery store. Valentine’s Day roses are time honored traditional gifts those were practiced for many years. The history of the exchange of Valentine’s Day flowers becomes a tradition in North America in the second half of the twentieth century. Valentine’s Day roses are available in many varieties and colors for bouquet.

What is the symbolism of roses?

Valentine flowers can be made more significant with personal touch. People who are trying to express love through Valentine flowers with more than 120 varieties of roses available have more admiration for traditional red rose. You can choose other colors of roses, especially the dark red, purple and coral. When one intends to present roses to someone, we usually think of expressing our feelings. But sometimes a single rose can do better than a bunch as a single red rose tells “I love you”.

Do you know the meaning of Valentine’s Day roses?

Valentine’s Day roses symbolize love and beauty. No other romantic gift sends a message like a fresh cut roses for Valentine’s Day. There are symbolic meanings with the color of the rose that you gift to someone. It would help you to know before you make a rose gift on Valentine’s Day.

• Yellow Roses show friendship and freedom. Yellow Roses are also suitable for sending congratulations.

• Orange Valentine’s Day roses are the signal of love. Orange roses indicate enthusiasm and the desire of the sender.

• Lilac roses indicate that the sender has fallen in love and thrilled with the recipient.

• Purple Valentine’s Day Roses mean the lover has fallen in love with the recipient at first sight.

• Valentine’s Day Pink roses express gratitude and appreciation. Pale pink evoke gentleness. Deep pink say “Thank you”.

• Red roses are the most popular when it comes to Valentine’s Day roses. Red Valentine’s Day roses make the perfect gift for a girlfriend or wife. They are the ultimate symbol of romantic love and lasting passion.

• White Valentine’s Day roses express reverence and symbolize truth and innocence. If you are missing someone, then you can express it through white rose. You can compliment someone with white rose to say he/she is heavenly.

• Peach roses talk about recognition, gratitude and sympathy.

Do you know the meaning of putting two or more colors of roses together?

Combination of roses is ideal for weddings or anniversaries to celebrate a long relationship with your lover.

• Combination of white roses with yellow roses is a symbol of harmony.

• Combination of red roses with yellow roses gives message of happiness.

• The combination of red roses and white roses indicates the harmony. You can give these roses to your wife on Valentine’s Day.

So, by giving these beautiful Valentine’s Day roses you get happiness and celebration.

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Valentine’s Day Flowers

Valentine’s Day comes on February 14 of every year. On this day, lovers and friends exchange different gifts to express their feelings. Valentine’s Day is the day of love and affection. It is dedicated to all those who are in a romantic relationship and inaugurate this special day for a close friend. People also agree that the best time to receive flowers is when they had not expected at all. The best-known gift for Valentine’s Day includes chocolates and flowers.

Can you gift flowers on Valentine’s Day?

Flowers are the perfect way to express your feelings to your lovers. You can express a specific meaning with the most popular colors of roses. Introducing the right Valentines flowers can help to express your true emotions. If you really want to express your valentine love, the best way is to give the forget-me-not valentine flower.

Do you prefer mixed flowers?

Mixed flowers are very popular. Lilies and spring flowers such as tulips and irises replace red roses. Beyond the choice of flowers Valentine is the style of the agreement itself. You can mix colors of roses to convey deepest feelings: red and white roses mean unity, while red and yellow roses suggest jovial and happy feelings. The meaning of each individual flower will add to another color.

What are the flowers you can gift for Valentine’s Day?

• While roses are the common flowers for Valentine’s Day, there are other flowers too. Other unique Valentine flowers include carnations, iris, tulips, mixed tulips, lilies, daffodils and daisies.

• Red roses are regarded as a symbol of true romantic love. You can send a Valentine flower gift of white, light blue, pink and yellow or pink roses too.

• Many people prefer to give Valentine carnation flowers because of their rich, intoxicating and pungent odor. Valentine carnation flowers symbolize love and friendship.

• The Iris is also viewed as a favorite Valentine’s Day flower instead of roses. Its elegant long stems show very colorful.

• Tulips are graceful flowers in many beautiful shades and symbolize spring and new beginnings. They are ideal for a blossoming relationship. Tulips mixed with roses, daisies, daffodils create a beautiful bouquet.

• In addition to sending fresh flowers for Valentine’s Day, you can also choose to send silk flowers. Silk flowers are perfect to make interior decoration. But do not forget to add some nice and memorable chocolates with Valentine silk flowers.

Do you know the symbolic meaning of flowers?

Each Valentine’s Day flower has its own meaning. Red roses indicate that your beloved is simply crazy about you. White Rose represents purity. Camellia (Rose) valentine flower represents that the person has intense desire for you. Red Carnation indicates your beloved admires for you. Daisy flower represents the loyalty and innocence. Tulips are a symbol of love and Calla Lilies stand for beauty. Gloxinia valentine flower symbolizes love at first sight and Jasmine flower represents modesty. If you want to propose marriage with your lover, then Ivy valentine flower is the perfect choice.

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